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Hullbridge Village History

Register of Electors 1929
(In force 1st May 1929 to 14th Oct 1930) South Eastern Parlimentary Division of the County Of Essex.
Polling District of Hockley (W).

The Register contains the names in alphabetical order of all persons entitled to vote as parliamentary and as local government electors. The nature of the qualification of an elector is as follows:-

For Men For Women
R= Residence qualification. Rw= Residence qualification.
B= Business premises qualification. Bw= Business premises qualification.
O= Occupation qualification. Ow= Occupation qualification.
D= Qualification through wife's occupation. Dw= Qualification through husband's occupation
NM= Naval or Military Voter

Note- † Persons against whose name the mark † is placed are not entitled to vote in respect of that entry at Elections of County Councillors

JURORS.- Persons who are qualified to serve as such are indicated by the letters printed after their names, thus:-
J = Juror. SJ = Special Juror.

No. Franchise Names in full.
Surname first.
Residence of property occupied
Parlimentary Local Govt
5 Rw   Abbs, Sophia 2 High Elms Cottages
8 Rw   Adams, Rhoda "Tremayne", Hull Bridge
9 R O Ager, James Walford's Cottage, Hull Bridge Road
10 Rw Dw Ager, Minnie Walford's Cottage, Hull Bridge Road
22 R O Appelbe, John Henry Sheepcotes Cottage
23 Rw Dw Appelbe, Agnes Sheepcotes Cottage
135 R O Bowhill, Joseph Ideal Bungalow, Crouch Avenue
136 Rw Dw Bowhill, Jane Ideal Bungalow, Crouch Avenue
137 R   Bowhill, George Frederick Ideal Bungalow, Crouch Avenue
138 R   Bowhill, James Alfred Ideal Bungalow, Crouch Avenue
139 Rw   Bowhill, Gladys Ideal Bungalow, Crouch Avenue
140 R O Bowler, Walter 22 Pevensey Gardens
141 Rw Dw Bowler, Winifred Elsie 22, Pevensey Gardens
144 Rw Ow Branch, Lizzie Matilda 4 Pools Lane, Hull Bridge
163 R O Bridght, Alfred John 10 Pools lane, Hull Bridge
164 Rw Dw Bright, Hilda Maud 10 Pools lane, Hull Bridge
217 R O Chignell, Samuel Malyons Cottage
218 Rw Dw Chignell, Susannah Malyons Cottage
219 Rw   Childs, Eliza "Swanness", Crouch Avenue
220 R   Childs, George "Swanness", Crouch Avenue
222 R O Clark, Sidney Opposite Anchor Inn, Hull Bridge
223 Rw Dw Clark, Ellen Opposite Anchor Inn, Hull Bridge
233 Rw O Clarke, Priscilla "Nirvana", Pevensey Gardens
234 R O Clench, Henry Wadham Cottages
235 Rw Dw Clench, Kate Wadham Cottages
256 R O Collins, Fred 1 Pools Lane, Hull Bridge
257 Rw Dw Collins, Lily 1 Pools Lane, Hull Bridge
260 R O Cook, John Cecil 6 Pevensey Gardens
261 Rw Dw Cook, Maud 6 Pevensey Gardens
279 R O Cordery, George Elliot "Alpha", Lower Road
280 Rw Dw Cordery, Doris Isabel "Alpha", Lower Road
288 R O Cox, Edward-J "Roycroft", Hull Bridge
289 Rw Dw Cox, Jessie "Roycroft", Hull Bridge
299 Rw Ow Croft, Mary Ann 18 Pevensey Gardens
327 R O Davis, Alfred Edward Anchor Stores, Hull Bridge
328 Rw Dw Davis, Edith Anchor Stores, Hull Bridge
345   O Devenish, Edward Bright† "Malyons" (abode-"The View", Station Road, Rayleigh)
351 R O Dover, Joseph "Mayfair", Abbey Road
352 Rw Dw Dover, Lilian "Mayfair", Abbey Road
362 R O Drain, Harry High Elms Cottages
363 Rw Dw Drain, Elsie Martha High Elms Cottages
379 R O Eddie, Frank Coventry Hill, Hull Bridge
380 Rw Dw Eddie, Jessie Louisa Coventry Hill, Hull Bridge
381 R   Eddie, Francis Henry Coventry Hill, Hull Bridge
382 Rw   Eddie, Irene Maud Coventry Hill, Hull Bridge
388 Rw   Edwards, Ruby Alexandra 4 Pools Lane, Hull Bridge
399 R O Evans, William John 3 Pools Lane, Hull Bridge
400 Rw Dw Evans, Florence May 3 Pools Lane, Hull Bridge
455 R O Gardner, Edward Poole's Farm
456 Rw Dw Gardner, Lucy Poole's Farm
463 R O Gaymer, Percy Ernest "Highgate", Lower Road
464 Rw Dw Gaymer, Kate "Highgate", Lower Road
468 R O Gibson, George Shell Cottage, Hull Bridge
469 Rw Dw Gibson, Annie Shell Cottage, Hull Bridge
470 Rw Ow Gibson, Hephzibah 6 Pools Lane, Hull Bridge
471 R   Gibson, Arthur John 6 Pools Lane, Hull Bridge
472 Rw   Gibson,Gladys Winifred 6 Pools Lane, Hull Bridge
473 R O Gibson, Lewis 2 Pools Lane, Hull Bridge
474 Rw Dw Gibson Ruth 2 Pools Lane, Hull Bridge
479 R O Gladwin, Albert Edward-J 24, Pevensey Gardens
480 Rw Dw Gladwin, Rose Elizabeth 24, Pevensey Gardens
484 R O Goldsmith, Charles Hull Bridge Road
485 Rw Dw Goldsmith, Kathleen Hull Bridge Road
501 R O Griffiths, William Henry "Hillside", Hull Bridge
502 Rw Dw Griffiths, Annette Alice "Hillside", Hull Bridge
503 R O Groome, Harold 27 Pevensey Gardens
504 Rw Dw Groome, Kathleen Rose 27 Pevensey Gardens
527 R   Ham, Robert Nitrel 4 Pevensey Gardens
528 Rw   Ham, Violet Beatrice 4 Pevensey Gardens
531 R O Hamm, Sidney School House, Hull Bridge
532 Rw Dw Hamm, Grace School House, Hull Bridge
544 Rw Ow Harrison, Leah Hannah-J "Soufriere", Hull Bridge
545 R   Harrison, Walter Charles "Soufriere", Hull Bridge
554 R O Harvey, Stephen Kingsman's and Tapp's Farms
555 Rw Dw Harvey, Martha Kingsman's and Tapp's Farms
556 R   Harvey, Frank Harold Kingsman's and Tapp's Farms
577 Rw   Helleur, Ellen Mary "Holmscroft"
587 Rw Ow Himpett, Alice 7 Pools Lane, Hull Bridge
588 R O Hitchens, Frank Edwin Anchor Inn, Hull Bridge
589 Rw Dw Hitchens, Lily Anchor Inn, Hull Bridge
590 Rw   Hitchens, Lily Mabel Anchor Inn, Hull Bridge
591 Rw   Hitchens, Queenie Eva Anchor Inn, Hull Bridge
594 R O Hobart, John "Elmdene", Hull Bridge
595 Rw Dw Hobart, Laura Magdaline "Elmdene", Hull Bridge
608 R O Howard, George "Crouch View", Hull Bridge
609 Rw Dw Howard, Ada "Crouch View", Hull Bridge
612 R O Howard, William-J "St Omar", Abbey Road, Hull Bridge
613 Rw Dw Howard, Rose "St Omar", Abbey Road, Hull Bridge
624 R O Hymas, Arthur Charles 9 Pools Lane", Hull Bridge
625 Rw Dw Hymas, Ada 9 Pools Lane, Hull Bridge
626 NM   aHymas, James Daniel Christopher 9 Pools Lane, Hull Bridge
634 R O Ives, William Percival "St Margarets", Hull Bridge Road
639 R   Jasper, Sidney Roy Hull Bridge Stores
658 R O Jones, John Thomas Hull Bridge Stores
659 Rw Dw Jones, Kate Hull Bridge Stores
676 R O Knight, Henry "White Gates", Lower Road
677 Rw Dw Knight, Ada "White Gates", Lower Road
696 R O Leeks, Ernest High Elms Estate, Hull Bridge
697 Rw Dw Leeks, Agnes High Elms Estate, Hull Bridge
705 Rw Ow Leighton, Amy The Cottage, Hull Bridge
724 R O Low, Henry Robert 2 High Elms Cottages
725 Rw Dw Low, Elizabeth Ann 2 High Elms Cottages
726 R O Lunn, William Estate Office, Lower Road
727 Rw Dw Lunn, Lily Estate Office, Lower Road
738 R O Manthorpe, Richard 7 Pools Lane, Hull Bridge
739 Rw Dw Manthorpe, Constance Irene 7 Pools Lane, Hull Bridge
762 R O Messenger, Charles William Tapp's Farm
763 Rw Dw Messenger, Rhoda Ruth Tapp's Farm
775 R O Moore, Frank 25 Pevensey Gardens
776 Rw Dw Moore, Alice 25 Pevensey Gardens
777 R   Moore, John 25 Pevensey Gardens
788 R O Murphy, Francis James 8 Pevensey Gardens
789 Rw Dw Murphy Lillian May 8 Pevensey Gardens
804 R O Neville, Alfred Pollys Farm
805 Rw Dw Neville, Kate Pollys Farm
807 Rw Ow Newman, Rose "Bellvue", Hull Bridge Road
827 R O Norman, Charles William 5 Pools Lane, Hull Bridge
828 Rw Dw Norman, Rose 5 Pools Lane, Hull Bridge
833 R O Nurding, Herbert Edward "Alpatrea", Hull Bridge Road
834 Rw Dw Nurding, Alice Jenny "Alpatrea", Hull Bridge Road
859 R O Pearce, Edwin Joseph "Lyndhurst", Hilltop Avenue
860 Rw Dw Pearce, Caroline "Lyndhurst", Hilltop Avenue
869 R O Perry, Joseph Pollys Farm
870 Rw Dw Perry, Emma Pollys Farm
891 R O Polley, William John Hull Bridge
892 R O Polley, William Opposite Anchor, Hull Bridge
893 Rw Dw Polley, Kate Opposite Anchor, Hull Bridge
900 R   Powers, Ernest 7 Pools Lane, Hull Bridge
905 Rw Ow Prest, Alice "Balsham", Hull Bridge Road
906 R   Prest, Albert George "Balsham", Hull Bridge Road
935 Rw Ow Read, Elsie Louisa 28 Pevensey Gardens
936 Rw Ow Read, Jane Ann 28 Pevensey Gardens
937 R O Redman, Maurice 1 Pevensey Gardens
938 Rw Dw Redman, Maud Ethel 1 Pevensey Gardens
939 R   Reeves, Albert The Cottage, Hull Bridge
948 Rw   Ripley, Alice Mary Montague House
960 R O Rogers, Fraqnk Cecil "Hilltop", Lower Road
961 Rw Dw Rogers, Eleanor "Hilltop", LowerRoad
983 R O Saupin, Raoul 14 Pevensey Gardens
1001 R   Sharp, Sidney 17 Pevensey Gardens
1002 Rw   Sharp, Ada 17 Pevensey Gardens
1023 Rw Ow Simpson, Alice "Poolhurst", Hull Bridge
1024 R   Simpson, Frederick "Poolhurst", Hull Bridge
1029 R O Sindle. James "Hillsea", Hull Bridge Road
1030 Rw Dw Sindle, Maud "Hillsea", Hull Bridge Road
1031 R   Sindle, Charles "Hillsea", Hull Bridge Road
1046 R O Smith, William Montague House, Hull Bridge
1050 R O Smith, Arthur Hanover Farm
1051 Rw Dw Smith, Charlotte Hanover Farm
1056 Rw Ow Smith, Sarah Walfords Farm
1057 R   Smith, William John Walfords Farm
1058 R   Smith, Albert Edward Walfords Farm
1059 Rw   Smith, Alice Walfords Farm
1060 Rw   Smith, Florence Walfords Farm
1061 Rw   Smith, Sarah jun. Walfoirds Farm
1062 R O Smith, James Malyons Farm
1063 Rw Dw Smith Esther Malyons Farm
1064 Rw   Smith, Ena Malyons Farm
1076 R   Smurthwaite, William Edward 20 Pevensey Gardens
1086 R O Staines, Arthur John Sheepcotes Cottages
1087 Rw Dw Staines, Florence Ethel Sheepcotes Cottages
1094 R O Stock, Arthur James 21 Pevensey Gardens
1095 Rw Dw Stock, Annie Phyllis 21 Pevensey Gardens
1099 R   Stowe, Henry Beecher 2 Central Avenue, Lower Road
1100 Rw   Stowe, Cecilia 2 Central Avenue, Lower Road
1107 R O Summers, George Hilltop Avenue, Hull Bridge
1108 Rw Dw Summers, Lydia Hilltop Avenue, Hull Bridge
1113 Rw Ow Tait, Jane Cash Stores, Lower Road
1119 R O Tate, Joseph Euston 2 Pevensey Gardens
1120 Rw Dw Tate, Rosetta Mary 2 Pevensey Gardens
1124 R O Thompson, James, Rev "Bijou", Hull Bridge
1125 Rw Dw Thompson, Laura "Bijou", Hull Bridge
1126 R O Thompson, John Hubert "Whernside", Hull Bridge
1127 Rw Dw Thompson, Kathleen "Whernside", Hull Bridge
1139 R O Thorpe, George Arthur Sheepcotes Farm
1140 Rw Dw Thorpe, Helen Hamilton Sheepcotes Farm
1141 R O Thorpe, Arthur John-J Sheepcotes Farm
1142 Rw Dw Thorpe, Millie Bertha Sheepcotes Farm
1143 R O Thorpe, Thomas George Bartons Farm
1144 Rw Dw Thorpe, Lilian Grace Bartons Farm
1157 R O Tomlinson, Arthur Charles "Riversdale", Hull Bridge
1158 Rw Dw Tomlinson, Amy Clara "Riversdale", Hull Bridge
1188 Rw Ow Wallaker, Laura Wharf House, Hull Bridge
1189 R   Wallaker, James Wharf House, Hull Bridge
1213 Rw Ow Webb, Ellen "Balsham", Hull Bridge Road
1216 R O Wells, Arthur Herbert-J "Tremayne", Hull Bridge Road
1217 Rw Dw Wells, Constance Edith "Tremayne", Hull Bridge Road
1218 R O Welsh, Tom "Hillside", Hull Bridge
1219 Rw Dw Welsh, Jessie Louisa "Hillside", Hull Bridge
1228 Rw   Wheeler, Louisa 20 Pevensey Gardens
1263 R   Woodman, Bert John "Holmscroft"
1264 Rw   Woodman, Ethel Maud 4 Pools Lane, Hull Bridge
1265 R O Wright, Harry Hull Bridge Road
1266 Rw Dw Wright, Ada Hull Bridge Road
1267 R O Wright, Thomas 8 Pools Lane, Hull Bridge
1268 R O Wright, William Rose Cottage, Hull Bridge
1269 Rw Dw Wright, Florence Rose Cottage, Hull Bridge
1270 R   Wright, George 2 Pools Lane, Hull Bridge
1274 R O Wright, Henry "Rainbow", Hull Bridge
1277 R O Wyatt, Albert "Dulce-Domum, Water Lane, Hull Bridge
1278 Rw Dw Wyatt, Marjory "Dulce_Domum, Water Lane, Hull Bridge
1281 R O Young, Robert Ernest St Andrew's Lodge, Hilltop Avenue
1282 Rw Dw Young, Ada Beatrice St Andrew's Lodge, Hilltop Avenue

Acknowledgement is made to the following contributions that this history was compiled from:-