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Hullbridge Village History

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Park School

View of school taken from Rawreth Lane poss 1992.

A photo taken of the school from Rawreth Lane poss around 1992.(Courtesy of The Hullbridge Post March 1992)

The Start of the school.

Before there was a senior school in Rawreth the children of the area would go to either Sweyne School Rayleigh or Hockley Secondary Modern (Greensward). In 19?? it was decided that a senior school was required and land in Rawreth Lane, Rawreth was identified as suitable and was duly acquired.

In Sept 1975 the school was opened for children to attend but was incomplete.Children like Julia Budd came to associate one side of the school with Star Wars world as it was a forbidden area and was known as "The dark side" because the lights were always off.
The children initially were put into classes that had names.The name were abbreviations that identified:-The year of the child,where their class room was, and the teacher responsible for that class. Alan Edwards, remembers his first class was IWN, (1st year, West block, Miss Nightingale), whilst Julia Budd was in 1WD (1st year, West block, Mrs Davies).
At some point the class id's changed, Diane Hills remembers the school being split into two parts called T and D, T for Tyrell and D for Dawlish or Dorwood replacing the West block etc., so her class 1TH was (1st year,Tyrell,Miss Harvey).

On the 8th Dec 1976 the school was offically opened by Sir Robin Gillett RNR, the Lord Mayor of London.Below is a photo of the opening flier that Emma Low has kept.
The souvenier pamphlet for the official opening of Park School 8th Dec 1976

As schools go Park was very short lived and in Aug 1997 it was closed and merged with Sweyne to become Park Sweyne, Rayleigh.

The School Roll of Honour.

List of Heads.

List of teachers.


Photo of the schools netball team. The team were:-
GOAL ATTACK: Tracey Davey, GOAL DEFENCE: Angela Reilly, WING DEFENCE: Kathy Buisson, GOAL SHOOTER: Sue Shelley
WING ATTACK: Jane Moore, CENTRE: Zena Butt, GOALKEEPER: Paula Stopford.
Tracey, Angela, Sue, Jane and Paula were from Hullbridge and played for the primary school team prior to going to Park.
Photo courtesy of Tracey Davey.

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