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Hullbridge Village History

Hullbridge Photographs

Hello and welcome to the homepage of Hullbridge photographs provided by various people or extracted from publicly accessible documents.

You will find listed below hyperlinks to various themes that I am using to organize them.
The main contributors collections are from:- Bill Trower, Dave Whiffin

Dave Whiffin

Dave moved into the village from Basildon around 1974.
In the process of tracing his family history he noticed that there were several postcards for sale on Ebay about Hullbridge and thought how nice it would be to start a collection.
To date he has amassed over 82 postcards starting c1920 to 2007.
The postcards are from four photographers:-


Francis Frith was a pioneer photographer who used a large (16 x 20 inch) camera and the development process was known as Collodion process.


A.J. Padgett was born in Hammersmith. He was living at 1 Station Road, Leigh-on-Sea in the 1911 Census. Mr Padgett took a series of photographs around the county of Essex and his collection is held at Southend-on-Sea Museum. In 1931 he purchased a plot in the Walk, Hullbridge and called his holiday home "The Haven". It was from here that he took many of his "The Haven Series" collection of photographs from which postcards were made. Mr Padgett also had a boat-house at the bottom of the Walk, which is near where "Sandy Beach" was until it was re-named Padgett's Bay by locals in honour of him. It was here most of the village went paddling or swimming. He also, along with neighbour Mr Green, had a boat moored in this stretch of the river.


Not much is known of this photographer apart from the postcards came from studios in Leigh and Westcliff-on-Sea.


Beverly is a professional photographer who lives and works in Hullbridge. She has had several pieces of her work published in magazines and her love is for avian photographs as can be seen on her website


Bill moved to the village in 1953 and was fortunate to know the son of a photographer who had taken many photos of the village using his plate glass camera, Mr A Cook, as recalled in his memories .
The images of Hullbridge were taken during the period 1937-51 by Mr A Cook and his brother who went around the village before, during and after WWII, with cameras, (one of which was a glass plate variety viz., the Ferry Road shot) taking the views and turning them into postcards for the tourists to purchase.

The majority of these images are Copyright protected. Anyone wishing to use them in any shape or form must at first obtain the written permission of the owner who can be contacted through myself, Mr G. Congram.

The images you initially see are thumbnails (small compressed pictures) of the original, and by clicking on it you will be shown the original in another window. Where a thumbnail is surrounded by a yellow border the original will allow you to move the cursor over a person and their name, if known, will appear.

I hope these will help you recollect some of your memories. If you recognize any faces and can put a name to them please let me know via the CONTACT tab. Perhaps you might feel inclined to submit some photos to me for inclusion into the website !

I hope you will find some photos of interest to you.