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Hullbridge Village History

Mrs Sylvia Wortley (??/??/?? - ??/??/2012)

By Gary Congram.

I first got to know Sylvia through her son Anthony when he joined the scouts. The family were living in Abbey Road at the time and her husband Dick was working in his dad's butchers on Ferry Road. Not long after moving into Abbey Road the bungalow built by Dicks dad next door to the family butchers became available and the family moved into there and Dick immediately went about altering it to make a shop and business for Syvlia. Sylvia was always a very active lady for as long as I knew her. Even before she ran her own business she was already involved with the Guides organization and became a Commissioner which meant going round and visiting all the different troops. In 1979 she retired from the Guides having served 20 years with them with the last 10 being the district commissioner. On her retirement there was a special presentation to her at St Thomas's Church, Hullbridge hwere 200 guides from around the district attended and she was presented with tribute poems they had written about her, a tearful moment for her.

Sylvia ran her own business from 127 Ferry Road and she was not content to just manage one business she took on other types of business, Shoes, Clothes, Wool etc., which obviously meant more commitment on her behalf. I'm sure many villagers went into her shop with their Dry cleaning or bought some shoes or slippers there.

Once she lost her husband Dick the business and home appeared to be too much for her and she moved into a nice little bungalow in the village, which is where I spent some lovely hours talking to here about her life and remembering times in the village. Her pride and love of the Hullbridge Guides was always evident.
She was always involved in the church and St Thomas's was her religious home. She took great pride in the church and became the Church Warden, another post she held for many years. I have seen her stripping people off for not doing the right thing in church and it was quite a fearful sight and I am grateful she never had a cause to speak to me sternly, quite the opposite.

Talking with fondness about Sylvia I can not fail to mention her children Anthony and Jannette who as you can imagine were very polite and well mannered, well most of the time in Anthony's case !

When I was talking to Sylvia about her memories she was having treatment at Southend Gen for a skin complaint and she always just shrugged it off as a inconvenience.It was an inconvenience for me as we never were able to capture her full memories and I still have hundreds of unanswered questions. Her leaving us was a shock for me and shw is a lady of Hullbridge I still miss and think of often.