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Hullbridge Village History

Suzy Wilson ..............................(13th November 1948 - 15th April 2014)

Colin Wilson

My Lady with a Smile.

Suzy was born December 13th 1948 Forest Hill, London parents were Ronald Gibson and Betty Wade.
Ron was an auditor for Pickford’s and the family transferred to Westcliff to a flat above Pickford’s Travel on the London Rd opposite the West Road Junction. Suzy went school Southend High School for Girls leaving leaving school in 1964 having taken and passed her A levels despite her father dying that year after a long illness.
Her mum remarried in 1972 and moved to Seven Kings, Ilford allowing Suzy to stay in the flat till in 1973 when she got a nice new flat at the top of Crowstone Road Westcilff .
Suzy was interested in helping children and when the opportunity came up to become a Brown Owl, she jumped at the chance with a hoot.
At Crowstone Reform Church, Christmas 1977/78 she met myseld and on June 14th we decided we couldn't live apart and would always want to be togther for the rest of our lives so I moved into the flat in Crowstone Road [Riverstone Court] and August 4th 1979 we moved to the house we had just brought together in Waxwell Rd Hullbridge.
Suzy only worked for 3 firms, Bacon and Woodrow, New Zealand Insurance, back to Bacon and Woodrow in Southend and then to Municipal and General Pensions in Chelmsford, needless to say at all these firms she was a very popular member of staff and even after leaving these companies many of her colleagues still kept in touch and Suzy enjoyed meeting up with them and going over old times.
In 2001 Suzy lost her mother to cancer after a short fight also in 2001 Suzy was made redundant again for the final time, after a long conversation we agreed she should retire from office work and stay at home making her fabulous cakes, I didn't get my manly figure just by drinking a few beers ! Suzy also helped me out with the family business. How could I not employ her when she constantly tempted me with her new cakes when she brought me elevenses ?
Both Suzy and I loved Country Music and this led us to running a Country Music Club for 20yrs called "Pardners" at Southend Conservative Club and over the years made many friends on the country scene including many artistes and club organisers. You could say we were the Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton of the Southend scene, well I had his figure and grey hair and Suzy had her rhythm. Suzy loved her music and dancing, and would get up at any excuse. We were both very touched when we were presented by members with a flag of the club.

Like most couples we have spent most of our life changing our home to make it our "Dream Home" and only recently we completed our last project, downstairs shower room and toilet. But to us any place we were it was like a dream and as everyone who know us will tell you we lived the dream with our holidays and at the slightest opportunity we were off for another adventure some times with our close friends May and John but more lately on our own.

After eight months of feeling unwell in late Aug 2011 it was found that Suzy had kidney cancer, initially hearing such news knocks the stuffing out of you but this was brief with Suzy and she helped me and I hope I helped her to stop the negativity and become more optomistic and positive about things. After an Op on October 5th it appeared Suzy was clear of cancer but they did ask her to go on a chemo drug trial to help her chances of a full recovery she took this drug till Christmas 2012. While away on their 2013 Vietnam, Cambodia holiday Suzy started getting pains, the cancer had returned in her bones leaving her in constant pain. As you can see in the photos Suzy was always smiling and it is a smile that has lit up my life for many many years.

In November 2013 it was Suzy's 65th birthday so I arranged for us to have another dream and we flew off to Spain knowing that this would most likely be our last holiday abroad. Suzy’s back was giving her so much trouble. It is at this point my admiration of my darling wife grew even more than I ever thought possible as she decided to have a major Op to rebuild the spine around the fifth vertebrae . The Op was successful and this resulted in Suzy having to learn to walk all over again with the aid of crutches. A very brave lady, the cancer started spreading to her lungs but Suzy never gave up the fight and her smile beamed through and lit up my darkest days when my thoughts and worries re-appeared. I had to take a leaf out of Suzy's book, she rarely moaned and just excepted the next challenge, as the Bruce Springsteen song says “Tougher than the rest”.

During her time at Southend Oncology Dept Suzy became known as "the cake lady", yes she was still looking after me ensuring I kept my figure ! but she would take 2 or 3 cakes in for the nurses when she attended her appointments there.
Our home always smelled of cooking a wonderful homely smell.
Like most women Suzy was very proud of her appearance and when she was extremely ill and even though I told her frequently that she was naturally beautiful she would make every effort to ensure her hair looked right despite it tiring her out doing so.
The last few months Suzy has been adopted by our friend Kim’s two children Lily and David. They call her Nanny Sue. Suzy loved seeing their smiling faces especially when she opened the cupboard and there was the Sweet tin, Biscuit tin, chocolate sauce for the Ice Cream a veritable feast for her smiling little friends. Actually the tins made me smile lots as well!
Last year the first time for many years the Christmas tree was decorated and it was abound with prezzies.
Suzy loved being in the village and thought the people who lived there were so friendly and warm. To keep fit she would often go for walks around it, bumping into many people and stopping to have a chat. When she arrived home she would tell me all about her walk and the conversations she had.
I bought her a little red sports car which she absolutely loved and kept it spotless.
Sadly on April 15th 2014 Suzy's illness got the better of her and she lost her fight at the Bedwell Ward in Southend Hospital. I am pleased I was able to be with her till she could fight no more but still smiling and looking beautiful in my eyes. An extremely hard moment to handle but I like to feel she was comforted by the knowledge that I was there with her willing her to get better. Oh how I miss her, especially when the sun shines so I try to imagine the suns rays are the love of my Suzy looking and smiling at me.
Suzy always had time and was interested in other people and was a good and loyal friend even when she was so ill. She touched the hearts of many people with her caring ways

Colin Wilson bending down in front of a park bench screwing the last fixing bolt into place.
									 The seat is to commerate his life with his No 1 lady Suzy Photo of two men standing behind a park bench seat in a street with a white bungalow in the background.
									The seat has just been placed there by the men to commerate the life of Suzy Wilson
Colin Wilson putting in place the last fixing bolt to the seat to commerate his life and love of Suzy. MY No. 1 LADY WITH HER WONDERFUL SMILE !! Dave and George Parish Council maintenance men with Suzy's seat on Ferry Road opposite Waxwell Road.