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Hullbridge Village History

Mrs Ralph Adler (??/??/?? - ??/??/??)

By Gary Congram.

I remember Ralph very well, he was a traveling salesman I think selling medical equipment which always fascinated me because he was so excitable and would go hyper very quickly over silly little things, especially with Ref's. I wondered how he managed to contain himself at work should things not go his way.
Many a time he would be screaming and spitting on the line. You certainly did not want to play at fullback or wing where he was standing ! He was a great character and I think most of the players who played for him loved him for his enthusiasm and he cared about his players.
I do believe he was the manager of Runwell, one of the teams playing in a higher standrad of league than Hullbridge at the time when I was playing.
He lived down Teignmouth Drive and started his management of Hullbridge teams taking over from Brian Hughes and running the Sunday 2nd's for a while.
I will always remember we were top of the league and one of our players could not turn up, so Ralph played. In the second half he went in for a tackle and broke his leg clean in two it was a horrendous sight and really bad for him because he was paid on commission and he was not going to be able to work for many weeks and from that point on he walked with a bad limp. We won the game and went on to win the division but the gloss was taken off by the injury to Ralph.
Ralph was held with great fondness so on his death some of his ex players arranged a testimonial match to celebrate his life.