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Hullbridge Village History

Anthony Maynard.(1951-2007 )

By Gary Congram 2008

photo of Tony sitting on an old leather panel football 
		    					wearing the Hullbridge United Football kit when he was the teams mascot at a cup final. Photo of Tony aged about 20 when he was playing for Hullbridge
								 Sunday team.

In 2007 one of Hullbridge's best sportsman sadly passed away. Tony Maynard was born in Hullbridge in Ferry Road, His father was a keen footballer/ sportsman and would often take young Tony to the football matches and he was the team mascot with his own Hullbridge United kit at the 1956/7 Shaw Cup Final. Tony went to Primary school at Hullbridge and for senior school at Hockley Secondary Modern, where he became a prefect and fell in love with his wife to be, who also happened to be a prefect Dianne Trigwell. Tony's sporting abilities made him one of Mr Toombes (sports master and future head) favourite pupils. Tony was playing competitive sports against men when he was 14. In May 1966 he took part in Hullbridge Cricket Club's single wicket tournament and reached the final only to lose in a playoff against the clubs Captain Keith Whittaker. As a teenager myself having just joined Hullbridge Football Club I would turn up on a Sunday morning waiting to be told whether I was playing for the 1st IX or 2nd's and wondering where Tony was. 2 minutes before we were due to leave he would appear totally disheveled with bags under his eyes and looking worse for wear having been out partying all night and into the early hours of that morning. I used to think how can he play football, and yet when I turned up at the Country Club that lunch time after our match I would often find out he had scored a hat trick and was unstoppable. I had no idea how he did this, it could only be natural talent. Talent soon to take him to other clubs playing in a higher standard of football apart from Sundays when he loved playing with his drinking partners and best friends.

On behalf of the players and school chums that knew you "Tony was there ever a boy from Hullbridge who was so talented at any sports ? It's hard to find someone so all round. When you played football and leapt to head a ball you used to appear to hang there as if you had wings, now I am sure you have. It was a crying shame you were taken away from us friends when you were still quite young. You made a big impression on most of us that met you especially those that played against you. God Bless !"