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Hullbridge Village History

Kevan Hodson (14 June 1951-26th Feb 2014)

Phil George

Kev and I shared some great times back in the day? We lived a few houses apart in Creek View Ave in Hullbridge and had more than a few adventures which somehow have stayed with me to this day. Kev taught me to drive (unofficially and off road) well, almost, in his pale blue Austin A30 affectionately known as "The Bean" because of its distinctive shape. We got off our heads on glue once, unintentionally. We were building a disco and put the Evostik on top of the heater...! We hosted possibly the weirdest Disco ever at Hullbridge Village Hall, as most of our records were Black Sabbath or Uriah Heap or some such heaviness. We borrowed some, but we're never asked back. We pretty much invented the Rave years before it became popular with our one off Riverside Rave with all the equipment connected by one cable across a field to Kev's Mum and Dads bungalow electric socket.... (Didn't end well) as there was so little power by the time it reached the decks you couldn't hear anything! The weekends in Black Tower Mill in Bungay and all the other adventures which I would not trade for the world. Th ephoto above is Kev uncharacteristically with a beer in his hand during his 'Early Neil Young/Duane Allman period' taken at the short lived but never uninteresting Beer Keller in Southend Civic Centre as was, sometime in 1972. (I know this because the God awful single 'Mouldy Old Dough' was played all the time because of its 'Oom Pa Pa' style rhythm. Made dancing on tables even more ridiculous!) Our paths had not crossed for many many years but those memories are undiminished, so good luck mate and Happy Trails, we had some times!Phil.


Remember Kevan, he was in my year at school, nice guy and so sorry to hear the sad news.

OMG, I am in tears , I only just found him after all these years and now he is gone before I got to meet him again, I am so sorry for your loss, I will always have fond memories of him , love , heather xxx