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Hullbridge Village History

Brian Hughes.(19??-2005)

By Gary Congram 2008

In early 2005 one of Hullbridge's best loved sportsman sadly passed away.
Brian Hughes was a father of three children:- Michelle, Daryll and Neil and was a decorator by trade running his own business from home. He was also a good uncle to his brother Alan's children:- David, Lee and Sharon. Brian was my first senior football manager when I started to play for Hullbridge Sunday 2nd XI in 1970. From my first day at training it was obvious Brian was a larger than life character who loved to rib us boys. For a plumpish man he was deceptively quick across the ground especially after training when getting to the Country Club for a beer or two. He was never shy in training in using his weight to nudge us off the ball or to simply block our runs with a quite "Sorry" and his cheeky smile. We would get our own back as occasionally he would turn up for training on Wednesday night and be ribbed about getting old and turning white, mainly as a result of him trying to paint the ceiling with his hair. Brian was a successful footballer in his own rights being part of Hullbridge's successful 1966 Saturday 1st IX that were champions of the District League Division 1.As a manager he started the success of the Sunday teams, initially starting with the 2nd IX and within 1 year being in charge of the 1st IX and was influential in the team winning various divisions. His enthusiasm for Hullbridge Sports Club was incredible, and he was ably supported by his wife Janette who played Netball for the club. The pair of them were guaranteed to be head of the queue of volunteers when it came to fund raising events. Brian had never cared about making a fool of himself providing he could get a laugh. Many Hullbridge Carnivals saw him dressed up and looking back you might say he might have had a fetish about being dressed in ladies clothes as he appeared so many times in them and always had a big smile. I imagine Brian would have been a very good poker player, he was always able to create the impression of being so serious and kept a straight face when pulling someone's leg so you never knew when he was bluffing, but I can still see in my mind several moments when his deadpan face would slowly crack and the smile would appear. At some point Brian decided he needed to devote more time to the family and gave up his managerial positions. When the Hanover Golf club was formed he was so excited and very quickly started organizing matches for old ex Hullbridge players which proved extremely popular and soon he became the golf club's captain.

On behalf of the players and villagers that knew you "Thank You Brian for making so much effort to make everyone laugh and smile . Heaven must be a far happier place with you there!"