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Hullbridge Village History

Hello and Welcome !

Hello and welcome to my the Newspaper clippings for WEDDINGS

Below is a list of weddings that I have found. They are in surname order and residents of Hullbridge have a yellow background.

Please click on the Surname and you will be taken to the image of the wedding.

Hullbridge Wedding Photo Index.

Index of Names

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Surname Christian Name Year Month Spouse Surname Spouse Christian Name Church
Ball Arthur Edward 1965 March Mash Jeanette Lillian Holy Trinity Rayleigh
Barge Colin F 1965 March MacFarlane Jillian Dorothea St Barnabas Hadleigh
Batchelor Jennifer 1971 July Conway John St Peters Hockley
Bullen Roy D 1965 March Wren Maureen Holy Trinity Rayleigh
Bush Miss 1970 Feb Wild T St Laurence Eastwood
Bush Mr 1964 Nov Courtney Rayleigh Catholic
Butler Antoinette 1971 Nov O'Regan Robert Southend Register Off
Collins John Henry 1954 Wilson Doreen Olive St Mary's Prittlewell
Connelly Jacqueline 1965 May Sangwin Douglas Victor Holy Trinity Rayleigh
Conway John 1971 July Batchelor Jennifer St Peters Hockley
Cooper-Keeble Sandra Christine 1965 June Scrace Alfred Sidney St Peters Hockley
Courtney 1964 Dec Bush Rayleigh Catholic
Down James Arthur William 1961 Ford Patricia Mary St Peters Hockley
Dowzall Sheila Jean 1964 Lawrence Keith Phillips Holy Trinity Rayleigh
Enever Vernon 1964 Pavis Valerie Edna St Peters Hockley
Ford Patricia Mary 1961 Down James Arthur William St Peters Hockley
French Valerie 1965 Nov Lees Norman Edward Holy Trinity Rayleigh
Hardy Christine 1970 Oct Wright Peter St Peters Hockley
Lavender David Robert 1964 Sheperd June Francis Holy Trinity Rayleigh
Lees Normand Edward 1965 Oct French Valerie Holy Trinity Rayleigh
MacFarlane Jillian Dorothea 1965 March Barge Colin F St Barnabas Hadleigh
Mash Jeanette Lillian 1965 March Ball Arthur Edward Holy Trinity Rayleigh
O'Regan Robert 1971 Nov Butler Antoinette Southend Register Off
Pavis Valerie Edna 1964 Enever Vernon St Peters Hockley
Phillips Lawrence Keith 1964 Dowzall Sheila Jean Holy Trinity Rayleigh
Polley Margaret Ann 1964 Redman Brian Gerald St Peters Hockley
Redman Brian Gerald 1964 Polley Margaret Ann St Peters Hockley
Rock Dilwyn 1964 Watkins Patricia Free Church Hullbridge
Sangwin Douglas Victor 1965 May Connelly Jacqueline Holy Trinity Rayleigh
Scrace Alfred Sidney 1965 June Cooper-Keeble Sandra Christine St Peters Hockley
Shepherd June Francis 1964 Lavender David Robert Holy Trinity Rayleigh
Spencer Ronald 1970 Sep Wheeler Gillian Salvation Army Hall Rayleigh
Thorpe John William George 1961 May Wood Elizabeth Patricia May St Peters Hockley
Watkins Patricia 1964 Rock Dilwyn Free Church Hullbridge
Wheeler Gillian 1970 Sep Spencer Ronald Salvation Army Hall Rayleigh
Wild T 1970 Feb Bush St Laurence Eastwood
Wilson Doreen Olive 1954 Collins John Henry St Mary's Prittlewell
Wood Elizabeth Patricia May 1961 May Thorpe John William George St Peters Hockley
Wren Maureen 1965 March Bullen Roy D Holy Trinity Rayleigh
Wright Peter 1970 Oct Hardy Christine St Peters Hockley