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Hullbridge Village History

Being related to Crabbe family.

The memories of Rosemary O'Daye

Links to school.

Hi, enclosed is an old photo,taken around 1951/2.

The older gentleman at the back is Arthur William Crabbe and lived at "Vinnsmead" Ferry Road, opposite the school. On his left is Miss Hilda Crabbe who used to be the secretary at the school and who is mentioned in one of the reports on your site. She was disabled and although many people thought she was not someone you easily got on with, nothing could be further from the truth. She was very creative and used to run a group in the afternoon for other disabled people and I would be there helping her as a ball girl whilst they played clock golf on the lawn. she was also a very happy lady despite her deformity.

I have been reading the stories and articles and photos with great interest as I used to live opposite the school with my grandmother Mrs. Rose E. Crabbe pictured lower right, we lived at "Wai-Hi" Ferry Road, opposite the school. I am the one next to Rose Crabbe and the other two are my mother Connie and my Stepfather. One of the stories mentions the library which was run by volunteers, my grandfather, Arthur Crabbe and myself (aged about 10 I think). I can remember putting out the books from the huge cupboards and laying them on boards over the desks. It used to be once a week on a Wednesday, we always had a boiled egg for tea that day!!!

A black
							showing a large group of people loads of them standing and sitting down in the middle
							is a young lady dressed in white wearing a crown and sash with the words &quote;Hullbridge&quote;"
							on it. She is Pamela Beckwith that years Carnival Queen. Either side of her are three seated ladies and 
							in front of them sitting on the floor with crossed legs are 6 children. They are all in
							the Hullbridge Village Hall which has bunting hanging from the ceiling

Photo taken from Southend Standard 8th August 1959 of carnival queen coronation dance at the village hall.
In the photo on the left hand side middle row is Alan, my husband to be, smart in his suit and tie and myself in a white blouse next to him. I recognise some of the crowd, the carnival queen, Pamela Beckwith and her attendant Maureen Wren . Harry Randolph right at the back next to Terry Short (?)

Grandfather was also a sidesman at St Peter and St Paul's, Hockley so when I married Alan Garrod from London there was only one place where the wedding was going to take place so it was that Father Morgan married us at St P & P. on June 18th 1960.

Black and White photograph showing a bride on the arm of an old seaman, Jock Wallace,
							who is wearing his flat cap and dark vest. They are standing in Ferry Road by George Boul's
							garage and the Wayfarers Cafe can be seen on the right behind them. This is a 2 storey white
							building with 5 windows upstairs and four below, with the door in the middle

Here I am on my wedding day on the arm of Jock. We are outside the Anchor and George Boul's Garage. The Wayfarers Cafe is in the background.