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Hullbridge Village History

Hullbridge Memories from South Africa.

The memories of Peter and Doreen Wood

Hullbridge Sports.

I (Peter Wood) joined Hullbridge Football Club in 1969 and at that time there was Hullbridge Cricket Club, Hullbridge Netball Club, Hullbridge Table Tennis Club, Hullbridge Youth Section and the 5 clubs all run separately.
The Football Club and Youth Section played at the recreation ground in Pooles Lane, as did the Cricket Club. The Netball Club played in Rayleigh, not sure where the Table Tennis played, but they all hired the facilities from Rochford Council.

During the next few years the 5 clubs started to discuss the possibilities of becoming one big club (the idea originally came from the Football Club).
By 1974 we were one big club, Hullbridge Sports and Social Club and our first Chairman was John Harvey.

At this time Hullbridge Sports and Social Club had a main committee consisting of Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary and each section had 2 representatives. (Somebody must have the minutes of our monthly meetings). Our Headquarters was the Park Country Club and the Football and Cricket met there after matches and training. The owner of the Country Club, Reg Peek, presented a trophy which was awarded to the Sports Personality of the Year. The 1st winner in 1974 was Harold Nelson.

Followed by:

How do I know all the above winners?
Because in 1991 I was presented with the trophy to keep because I was leaving Hullbridge to live in South Africa and I was the Chairman from 1978-1991. There was then a Peter Wood Shield, but I do not know if this is still presented annually.

H.S.S.C then entered into discussions with Rochford District Council about the possibility of our own ground and Club House.

Around about 1979 we signed a lease for the 15 acres of farmland in Lower Road - somebody must have the lease. All the details of this should still be in the entrance of the club house. I do know that in March 1983 we pulled our first pint.

Now random memories.

The following are a few memories from Peter's wife Doreen.

I was secretary of the Youth Section prior to us joining the Football Section to make one club.

I also served as Secretary of the Parents Association, at that time Bob Palmer (deceased) was Chairman. We raised a large amount of money by Fetes etc. and built the swimming pool at the Hullbridge School. Gladys Chart was also very active in this project and taught all the children to swim.

I was also secretary of the H.S.S.C for 13 years until we left the UK.