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Hullbridge Village History

Hullbridge Memories.

The memories and photos of Peter Rogers

Hullbridge can be a cold place with warm hearts.

I am not from Hullbridge, but my mothers family lived there and she & her sisters spent their childhood there. Their name was Norman and they lived in Pooles Lane and my mothers aunt, her name was Joslin, lived next door. My mum's grandmother lived there too, her name was Bluff and her youngest son Jim Bluff had a Nursery in the Village.

I first saw the Village in 1951, when I was 9. This was when my mum returned to look after her sisters family, when she was in hospital.This Family's name was Crabbe and they lived in Central Avenue. My uncle Stan had a small holding which was opposite the end of Central Avenue (where he bred pigs) and when I look on Google Earth I can still see the field. I believe the Crabbe family had lived in the village for some time and my uncle Stan's mother may have had a general store there. We stayed in Hullbridge for a couple of months and I went to the village school and you probably got my name from the register.

My family returned to Hullbridge for a holiday in the mid fifty's and that's when I took the Photos, they're not good quality but I have cleaned them up as best I can. Some of the older residents may remember some of the surnames I have mentioned and some may remember my cousins the Crabbe's, there were six of them. Hope the pics., are of interest.

Black and White photo of a parade taken in mid 1950's at Hullbridge by Peter Rogers.
									The picture shows a man and woman in uniform leading a group of girls in rows of three
									waering white blouses with a dark tie, dark beret, dark shin length skirts and white ankle socks
									marching in a tarmacced road that has proper kerb stones and a footpath. 
									They have just walked past a shiplat house and hedgerow. Black and White photo taken by Peter Rogers mid 1950's. The picture
									shows the back of an open back lorry registration NOW759 going up a road, 
									Ferry Road, and behind it are three young boys,one on a bicycle another on a
									tricycle and the other walking. To the right of them is a girl in the same 
									uniform captured in previous photo, she is carrying a collection box. Behind her
									is a man in light colured long sleeved shirt and grey trousers. A car is coming
									from the opposite direction. The lorry has been decorated on the back with 4
									large floral urns and the Carnival Queen/Princess sitting on a chair. In the left
									background can be seen Hullbridge Primary School. Black and White photgraph taken by Peter Rogers mid 1950's.
									The photo shows a man and lady in their 50's looking at a sheet of paper. The lady is
									wearing a light checked dress with pockets each side at hip height and v-necked collar,
									There are 5 black buttons from neck to just below navel and the sleeves are half length.
									She is wearing glasses a black hairband with lightcolured hair that is short in length.
									Around her neck is a short necklass. The gentleman is wearing a grey suite with a white
									open collared pique shirt underneath. His right hand is held across his waist with a 
									cigarette in that hand. The other hand is in his left trouser pocket so that the jacket
									is pushed behind revealing that he is wearing buttoned braces. The man is bald on his brow
									and top. Behind them is a decorated lorry carrying two seated girls dressed in
									white with  flower displays all around.
Carnival Parade mid 1950's. The Carnival parade reaches the Primary School. The Carnival reaches its destination.
Black and White photo taken mid 1950's by Peter Rogers.
									The picture shows a field with women, sailors and children milling around
									in the background can be seen the Carnival Queen and her two princess's.
									This is the Hullbridge Carnival which ended at Hullbridge Primary School. Black and white photograph taken in mid 1950's by Peter Rogers.
									The photo shows a gentleman in uniform, the same that lead the girls parade, talking
									to some of the girls and they are standing to the side of a stall in a field. Other people
									are nearby including the lady who was talking to the gentleman in another picture. Black and White photo taken mid 1950's at Hullbridge by Peter Rogers.
									The picture shows a large group of children and adults dressed in fancy dress.
									Behind them is a line of sailors dressed in uniform some with a white sash across their
									chests. Behind them is a glassed building, possibly the new school building at the back of
									Hullbridge Primary School. In front and to the right of the sailors is a table draped with
									a multi Union Jack material on which are a couple of chairs possibly for the Carnival 
									Queen and Princess'.
Villagers in the school playing field. A stall at the Carnival which ended in the Primary School playing field.The lady with the glasses is the same lady talking to the man above and the man in uniform is the same man leading the parade Carnival contestants in the fancy dress at the school. Mid 1950's