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Hullbridge Village History

Hullbridge Childhood.

The memories of Robert Cox

Hullbridge Primary School.

My childhood was spent in the village from 1954-1966.

Three people mentioned, Terry Wise, Tony Maynard and Stephen Oakman were all friends of mine and part of the 1960/61 Primary School football team, we lost 2-0 in the final to Rayleigh Glebe that season. The full team was as follows:- 1) Tony Manyard 2) Roland Marsh 3) Me (Capt) 4) Melvyn Lindsay 5) Stephen Adams 6) Stephen Oakman 7) Richard Defries 8) Raymond Farnell 9) Terry Wise 10) Leslie Withers 11) Nigel Harber. The team had success in winning the cup the following season, I believe, when some of us had left for the "Big" school. Tony Maynard and I spent many a happy time, down the Rec, in his garden and min,e improving our football skills. I remember I was determined to become a two footed player. Down the Rec one time I was floating over left footed crosses for him to head into the goal (can't remember who was in goal) he connected with almost everyone. Anyway the ball belonged to Richard Defries who was just standing there, he never got a kick. After a hour or so Richard says, "Can I have my ball back, I want to go home!" Ha Ha, kids can be so cruel!"