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Hullbridge Village History

Hullbridge Memories.

The memories of Mr R Howard

Fishing at Hullbridge

Acknowledgement is made that the following is an extract in an article written by Jim Worsdale and printed in the Evening Echo 4th August 1992 titled "For the love of Ida, Dick's boat, Black Jacks, clams...classic memories.".

I moved with my family to Hullbridge in 1925 and went to school there until 1928. I lived in a cottage next to the "Smugglers Den".

I used to swim across the river and back. Sometimes I swam behind Dick Hymas's boat. He had a daughter Daisy, who married Jim Passfield and went to live in Rayleigh.

In those days we used to dig clams and collected winkles and cockles. At low tide we would have a stick with a nail in the end to catch flat fish we called Dabs.