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Hullbridge Village History

Hullbridge Memories.

The memories of Paul Field

Brief Summary to be expanded as it comes back to me.

I've lived in Hullbridge since I was 50 !!
so remember quite a lot, like Beattie from the post office on her bike
Started at Riverside junior school with Mrs Fairbrass, Mr Hardy.
Mrs Fairbrass would never let you home till you recited a times table. I remember being there for bloody ages because the favourites always got the 2x and 4x, the rest of us got 9x 11x and 12x .lol. I also remember she made some paper mache or clay puppets for a school play, they were standing behind me in flower pots as I remember on the floor. We had the old style lift flap desks with the old ink wells in them. I was leaning back on my chair and holding on to just the lid of the desk, and my hands slipped. I fell backwards on the floor and smashed all her beloved puppets . I'd never seen a board rubber fly through the air so fast. By the time she got to me, the spit and teeth were flying everywhere. It was never Paul or even Field it was always " BOY!!!!!!!" Suffice to say, it did not go well for me that day.
I remember swimming in the pool. We used to get a ribbon for swimming the length and width from Mrs Chart. For some unknown reason I could never swim on top of the water always underneath holding my breath suffice to say it took me a while to get the ribbon for the Think I must have been bright red and near to exhaustion by the time I got to the end.......But I got it!
Went to cubs and scouts at the old scout hut down Thorpdene
Played for hullbridge sports from the age of 11, and was youngest in Hullbridge first team at 16 yrs.
Remember the country club, which is now the estate down Pooles Lane.
Edna's tuck shop on the corner of the river yacht club
Corner shop at the bottom of Coventry Hill with the fish shop and tea shop directly opposite
So many memories Gary