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Hullbridge Village History

Hullbridge Childhood.

The memories of Mary Jasper (nee Emeney)

Born in Hullbridge.

My name is Marey Jasper (nee Emeney).

I lived in the School House at Hullbridge as a small child because my father, Mr Frederick Emeney, was Head Teacher. I know we left there in about August of 1948, after the summer term and before the start of the autumn term, because I started school for the first time very soon after the move, and my father started in his new post. I was four and three quarters years old when we moved. So, my father will have been Head Teacher at Hullbridge between about 1946 and the end of the summer term of 1948. I remember the car drive of the move, and the furniture van that went separately. Unlike some adults, I am fortunate in that my childhood memories are very sharp and detailed indeed, though of course they are the memories of a young child.

I know we went to Hullbridge when I was very young, I think maybe not even two. I am 17 months older than my sister, and I remember her as a baby there; indeed, there are photographs of her as a baby in a pram in the school playground at Hullbridge. There was a gate between the garden of the school house and the playground, and when the children had gone home after school we sometimes played in the playground there. During the school day, when the children were out in the playground during playtime, I used to stand sometimes at the gate and watch, and sometimes the children talked to me through the gate. I have many photographs from those years, and many more memories.

I remember the names of some of the children of my own age with whom I played, the garden, the church where I went to Sunday School, a farm we visited frequently, and some of the houses and families too, as well as picnics and days out on a sandy beach at the riverside. I think we walked there. Much more, too, but I won't overwhelm you with all of that.