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Hullbridge Village History

The memories of Mandy Holland-Martin (nee Budd)

Mum and dad XX, XX moved into the village in 19XX at ............. They had ? children myself, sisters Sally, Julia and brother Peter. You can read Julia's and Peter's memories also.

Hullbridge Infant and Junior School.

I remember Mrs Baker, Mrs Lugg and Mrs Taylor.
I was never lucky enough to have an acting part in any of the school plays. Always the choir or orchestra for me.
Going to school was great itself. Today there are walking buses, in my time it was just a case of going down the Drive where collected everyone. First it was Paul and Claire Keeble (52 The Drive) they would call for Joanne Bailey at number 50 and (stuart her brother i think), they in turn called for me, Sally and Katie Budd my sisters, we were at 34 The Drive. Then it was next door to Sammie and Michelle Dilly at no. 32 then back towards no. 38 for John and Neil Barringer plus Rory and Alistair McCloud. Then on to get Graham, Paul, and Mark who was the eldest of the Lilwalls. Over the road lived Sharon Baker and her brother Stuart. One big mob walking to school eating cold mainly burnt toast. My sister Julia Budd walked with Lisa Reharg and then Sarah and Jane (I think that was her name) Johnson.
Dola, she was such a pretty little thing. I think back now at how difficult it must have been for her then, trying to fit into a white school and it all being so bewildering for her. I wish I had tried harder to be friends.

I grew up with Diane Hills and we would tell the dinner ladies such wonderful made up stories.
One time we were sisters and had draught excluder stuck on our arms because the doctor had done a blood test and the covering (excluder) was proof !
Also that pregnancy was catching in the village when I found out that mum was pregnant, but so too was Denise Baldwins and Abigail Colbournes.

I remember putting drawing pins on Mrs Fairbrass's chair and she sat on them, she didn't flinch! I was so amazed. I also remember Glenn Olley flushing peoples plimsoles down the toilet and blocking them so they flooded. Mrs Fairbrass caught him and flushed his head down the toilet, he walked into class with a very wet head and jumper. That might have been why she left?
When it was home time we had to say the Lords Prayer. Mrs Fairbrass would walk along and make sure she could hear each one of our voices.


The school always put on plays.Here's a picture I have for this year.


About 1975 I was selected to play a Munchkin in that year's play "The Wizard of OZ" and I had to hold Russell Smiths hand, and at that time I HATED it ! I am the first person seated in the front on the left in the picture below.

Protests about Park buses.

In May 1982 it seemed the whole village went on a protest march because the council were going to axe the buses that took us to school in Rawreth Lane. The following is a photo taken from the Echo of that time. My dad James Budd (passed away now) pushing a pushchair with my brother Michael Budd in it. Im standing just behind my dad with long hair and a half smile (a teenage rarity for me). I didnt even know my dad went on these marches.
I have a photo with my mum and godmother Janet Barringer who is also holding the banner behind dad. Funny I thought my dad was at work till I saw him in front of me. He worked at Fords Tractor plant so was probably on a late shift that day!

Odd Memories

The following memories were posted by Mandy on the Hullbridge Memories and History Facebook forum during 2014:- Homemade lemonade was the order of the day in our house.
We used to do paper chases across the fields near the river and go and watch the sunday fox hunts. Paperchases, torn up paper into small pieces like bread that you'd give the ducks. The leader runs off leaving a trail behind them and after about 5-10 mins the others follow and you have to run to catch the leader before they get to the home point which everyone knows from the start. You just don't know the route. Being in Hullbridge there were so many routes you could go. We sometimes would start at the fields by River Crouch and go to Brandy Hole, by field, riverside, roads, across the river at low tide and back again round the caravan sites and then along to Brandy Hole.
Always great fun and lots and lots of paper needed. Other children used to join in with us along the way
We also used to go and catch eels down the river and bring my parents the wonderful gifts of newts and frog spawn in jars.
Watching the farmer harvest the corn with the birds flying along behind always delighted me. I remember playing hide and seek in those crops?
Running and jumping the ditch when the farmer came out and fired his gun and not quite making the ditch and having one dry shoe and foot and the other wet and muddy? Lol fun