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Hullbridge Village History

Hullbridge Memories.

The memories of M. Cole

Cockling and Gleaning in Hullbridge.

I was born on Hambro Hill, Rayleigh in 1927.
When I was a little girl my brother and father and I would walk to Hullbridge leaving home at 6-30 on a Sunday morning to go "Cockling Á Musselling" when the tide was out, we used to walk along the river bed in our wellies collecting Winkles then walking all the way home to cook them, and then the children would give half a bucketfull of cooked Winkles to every house in the road. These used to be cooked in a big copper in the garden.

During the summer evening my mother and 7 children usaed to get up at 5 o'clock amd walk to Hullbridge to harvest potatoes, peas and rhubarb for the local farmers and when the harvest was over we were allowed to go "Gleaning", picking up the loose potatoes that were left laying on the ground, to have potatoes for dinner during the winter months also "Gleaning" for wheat to feed the chickens and ducks and any eggs that were not required during the summer, were put in a enamel bucket with izing glass so we were never short of new laid eggs but we had a very happy childhood, we was never hungry and always nicely dressed.

One new outfit at Easter, the rest were "Hand me downs" of from a jumble sale. I still have a lot of happy memoires left.