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Hi, enclosed is an photo of my twin Diane and me taken 2011.

My twin sister Diane and I were in the same year as Christine Gray (her father ran the petrol station/garage - Coventry Hill) and I believe she had a younger sister, Theresa and they lived in the house next door to the garage. There was also Ellen Petchey, Heather Ford, Carol Margetts, Margaret Turner, David Spearman and probably a few others from Hullbridge, who I cannot remember at this moment in time!

Vaguely remember a Stephen Polley.
I remember Doreen Wise - think she was quite chubby with dark hair. We were in the same year as Clive Potter, who now runs Mark 1 Hire. Of course his family's shop in Hockley "Potters" has now been going for over 100 years as they had their 100th anniversary last year and it was great.
My father used to work for them as a young errand boy. My cousin, John Halls was also in our year - not that he seemed to like anyone to know that he was our cousin. Tragically, John died in a car accident, about 25-30 years ago. There was also Christopher Crawley (we called him Creepy Crawley as he called Diane and myself nasty names (as did quite a few others) like stick insect and twiggy as we were tall and thin)!!!

Ellen Petchey, I think was some relation to the Pinkertons (Pinkertons Farm/Kingsmans Farm).

Christine Gray has remarried and now lives in Maldon. She works as far as I know still at Broomfield Hospital, Chelmsford.

Heather Ford that was, I believe now works in Barclays Bank in Rayleigh.

Margaret Turner that was, lived in Abbey Road the same as you and was married to Peter Botley who was also from Abbey Road, Hullbridge and I think is a year older than me. Peter Botley worked at the Bank of Credit and Commerce International, as a mailroom clerk as I too worked there until its unfortunate collapse in 1991 due to massive fraud!!! We always called it Bank of Crooks & Criminals International (BCCI). It was in the news for months as well as a year or two beforehand when they had money laundering - they were dealing with some Columbian drug baron as well as General Noriega of Panama and Abu Nidal, Libyan terrorist. It all happened there.

We all went to Hockley Secondary Modern as it was called then and I wonder if some of our old teachers are still alive.
Rev. Paul Davies (RE) used to live in Hockley I think. Not sure what happened to him. I remember he had a nervous breakdown just as we were entering his class. Not sure we brought it on or the class before us perhaps!!!

I also remember H. Davis (no neck - Geography) there was CD Davis (Geography/History) and I think we used to call him "Tramp". He was a character though and I remember him saying to Diane and myself that Jay birds were thieving birds and he hoped we were not like that!!!

There was also Miss Creese (Crease - not sure of the spelling) who taught us Domestic Science after the previous teacher, whose name I cannot recall. She was a little mad I think and she was always asking us to bring our goose in to cook, as we used to have a pet goose!!!

The school had quite a few outings too. We went to Yardley's in Basildon where we could see how perfume and cosmetics were made, as well as Van Den Bergs (margarine) (was it Stork marg - not sure) in I think it was Thurrock way. There were also skiing trips although Diane and I never went on any - we were all arms and legs and it's bad enough just walking along an icy pavement!!!

Old Mother Riley for needlework lessons was a bit of a dragon. I remember myself and one of the other girls was trying to tidy up her store cupboard and we ACCIDENTALLY dropped some ping pong balls (not sure what they were for) and they all went bouncing out into the classroom!!!

I still see John Toombes, as my brothers are in to rugby (Rochford Hundred) and he often goes to the Club and calls round to see my brothers as they live opposite me. John also used to go to the Durdogne, where my brother had a gite, being a French teacher at school you his French was extremely good and he spoke it like a native and was handy to have around!

I also remember David Richardson (who married Miss McConnell, as she was having his baby) teaching us French & German. In fact one Christmas, a few of our class did a concert at the school singing Silent Night in German - Stille Nacht Heilige Nacht. Think it went down quite well. (We could also sing it in French too).

I remember Duncan Osborne teaching us. He always seemed very strict. When we were leaving though, he seemed to be friendly and he told me and my twin Diane that all the years teaching us, he had trouble in telling us apart.

Being twins did cause a bit of trouble and at one point after some exams, (forgotten for what subject or what teacher) we were told off for copying one another. Thing is we didn't sit next to one another or copy, but our answers were very much the same!!!

I remember the Mason twins, but of course they were not identical. There were also the Dallas twins (John & Roger), Barbara & Lesley Hawkes (a year or so older than us).

I used to enjoy Art lessons, but Miss Davis (who married Mr. Lobban) and Patrick Warrens were so different with their ideas of art. I think Patrick Warrens was quite into abstract art. One day I did what I thought was an awful picture - blocks of colour and HE LOVED IT !!!

Can't think of much more at the moment.