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Hullbridge Village History

Hullbridge Memories.

The memories of Jessie Boozey

Farm Life..

Acknowledgement is made that the following is an extract in an article written by Jim Worsdale and printed in the Evening Echo 4th August 1992 titled "For the love of Ida, Dick's boat, Black Jacks, clams...classic memories.".

I was at Hullbridge Primary School in 1923 and well remember Ida Street, the teacher. I can also remember her getting married.

I was Jessie Boozey then. I can picture the boat taking and bringing the children from Woodham. I lived at Walford's Farm, where my father worked, and I was the only one from that part of the district to go to school.

We later moved to Topps Farm in Pooles Lane, where there now is the Brandy Hole Yacht Club. We used to go over the sea wall and dig for clams, cockles and winkles.

There was a little store on the corner of Pooles Lane and Ferry Road. Mrs Jones was the owner. There was another shop opposit the Anchor pub, where there was always a monkey on a chain outside in the summer.