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Hullbridge Village History

Hullbridge Childhood.

The memories of Graham Bridgeman-Clarke

Hullbridge home from home.

I don't know if people will remember me but I was at the school before I had to leave to live with my real parents in Barking in about 1965 when I was 10 years old. My best mate was Stephen Dyer and I used to live in Kingsway with my Nan and brother Alan.

I don't remember too many people, (old age !) but wasn't there another Gary who emigrated to Australia ?, I recall Peter Thorley, Rubin Wood and someone called Gardner but not much more. I remember when we were at school that the school were trying to raise funds for a swimming pool and we all bought "bricks" tickets and these monies were put to the pool. We had a raffle type thing at the end of the fund raising and I won first prize a voucher at the local shops for 2/6d (Half a crown). There were three other events I remember, the murder of a girl called Alice who I was friends with and she lived near me - she was murdered I recall by a teenager also round the corner.
There was also a blind lady who went missing and was found in the "swamp" areas where the golf course is now and also I recall being on a bus to Rayleigh which toppled over and hit a tree near the what is now golf club but it was a farm then and that was front page of the local newspaper.

Just read Gary's memories and saw that he knew Alan Lee. His Mum was my nans home help and we were good mates though he was a year older then me.