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Hullbridge Village History

Hullbridge Childhood.

The memories of Evelyne Swinscoe


Photo inside the Mayfield Club My Mum and Dad (Ernie and Peggy) owned the Mayfield House/Club and shop on Ferry Road, and the land that Gerry Noble's house is now on. I was married around 1976 and we moved into No 7 Mayfield Avenue, where I lived from 1976 - 1995.

PC Paul and Stella Wilgress where my neighbours I had a kitten from them, Stella was a model (I think) I spent many hours as a child at their house.

I managed to reach the position of Manager with Halifax Building Society for 21 years, at Rayleigh, Southend and Westcliff.

Just to prove how small the world is: I dated one of Gary's best friends Colin Rothwell for many years!!! In fact, this has reminded me that I owe his Mum, Pat Rothwell, a letter .............she and I have kept in touch over the years and filled me in about Colin, Glen (his brother), Kim (his sister).

Hullbridge Primary School

Photo of John Thayer

I went to Hullbridge Primary School and my favourite teacher was Mr John Thayer.

Clipping from Local Review newspaper showing successful netball team of 
				 			Hullbridge Primary School.

This is a picture of the Hullbridge Primary School netball team who are:-

Christine Self : Totally lost touch with her, she and her family lived in Grasmere, I know that she had an elder sister and I believe some other siblings.

Marion Polley : One of my best friend's of all time (as was Lynn Chart, by the way while I think of it, Lynn also dated Colin Rothwell, that is how I met him and when they finished I dated him.) Marion married Paul Malone (later in life than most of us, in fact she married Paul at Hockley Church). She works for Key Med in Southend, like me has always been a career woman. One of her brothers, Steve Polley played in the Hullbridge football team. She had other brothers, Andy who lives in Dubi. John who lives on Ashingdon Road with their mother Dolly, who I believe is still alive, their Dad died many, many years ago when they lived at No 6 Pooles Lane. She also had a sister, Anne?

Lorraine Hunter : Can not remember her.

Lyn Davison: Can not remember her.

Sally Hawkes: Went on to marry Paul Kerridge, he was a single kid, lived with his parents in Grasmere? They had two kids, Daniel and Emma Faye. She calls herself Sally-Ann. Her mother died and is burried at the cemetery in Hall Road Rochford (where both my parents are). Not sure if her Dad is still alive, but he lived on Ferry Road near the chemist and she had some brothers, Leslie, Gary and Alan Hawkes.

Lorraine Lamb: Nicknamed "lolly" dated Bernard Quinn, (will get to the Quinn family later). I did manage to reach her a few years back on Friend's Reunited, but then her husband died at age 50ish and then I lost her again. She grew up living with her parents in Mapledene.


I went to Sweyne, so don't know too many of the names from Greensward, but these are who I remember.
Sue Macnamara - I was a great friend of her sister Pat. Their dad Mick used to fill in for my parents in the bar if they took a break or a vacation.
Alan Weeks - I remember their entire family, mainly through coming into the shop.
Richard Simmonds - I am wondering whether he was part of the family that lived in what was to become the Police Station House?comment:YES If that is who I am thinking of, did'nt he loose part of his finger by a telephone pole falling on it?


In my class at Sweyne was Rubin Wood who had a brother Barry. The family lived in the first property/bungalow on the left as you enter the village from Watery Lane. His father owned a tree felling company and they had their yard halfway up Hambro Hill, Rayleigh.

Photo of 4 girls in a group waiting to bat in a
									game of rounders at Swyne School. Three are sitting on the grass whilst the 4th is lying on her belly.
									They are wearing light blue tops and grey skirts. Photo of Sweyne school class dd 19?? click to enlarge Balck and White Sweyne school photo of Evelyne Swinscoe in
									school uniform. Head and Shoulder shot. Evelyne is wearing a white blouse and school tie with the school jumper on top
									her hair is cut bob length and is straight with a fringe.

Brownies and Girl Guides

I was in her Brownie pack as a "Gnome".

					 photo of a young Evelyne in Brownie uniform

I was extremely friendly with Lynn Chart.

Lynn married Pete Staines and they lived in Wickford, recently they split and she is now living and working in London.
Her brother Keith was married to Mandy, had a couple of kids and I believe that they are now divorced. He then moved to the Isle of Wight. He met up with a school friend called Linda and I think either they are now married or at least engaged. He did have the medical problem of the hole in the heart, but in general his health continued to be good.

Their father Colin was very much involved in the Sports Club and died some years before Glad.

Their mum Gladys was the swim teacher at the Hullbridge School - so I am sure that they have plenty of stories and pictures to share with you. Gladys sadly passed away a couple of years ago, she also was an amazing Gym teacher at Park School, Rayleigh. She was also heavily involved in Brownies/Guides - but Sylvia Wortley can fill you in with that 'cause she was the Commissioner.

A photograph showing two girls Lynn Chart on the left
						and Christine Challis on the right wearing Guides uniforms without their hats and with anoraks over the top of the uniform. They are standing
						on Clacton beach with shows on and with loads oif people in the background with an impressive Victorian styled arcase on the Esplanade

The guides had many trips one was to Clacton. Here is Christine Challis nee Gray with Lynn Staines nee Chart.

I moved to the U.S. and I travelled the world for 7 years.