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Hullbridge Village History

The Drive in Hullbridge.

The memories of Donald Glennie.

Our Town 1947.

In Essex Record Office is a photo album of Donald Glennie's this is the contents:- A small village of the Rochford Rural District Council on the River Crouch 7 1/2 miles NW of Southend included in the Hcokley Parish. In pre Roman days there was probably a bridge but it seems to have disappeared in medieval times. One theory is that it was demolished by the Danish forces in 1016 to hinder the English retreat. A later bridge appears to have been erected possibly 1495 as Sir John Montgomery left £ 20 for that purpose in 1492 and John Tyrell of Rawreth left £ 100 in 1558 either to repair an existing bridge or to erect a new one and local tradition claims that a bridge at Hullbridge was demolished by Cronwell's forces during the Civil war 1642-48 as a preventative measure. The edition of William Cambdens Britannia published in 1772 indicates a bridge and D W Coller says in his history of Essex 1861 that the piles remained until 30 years earlier when a barge owner removed them as an obstacle to navigation.

The following are copies ofthe photos that appear in the album. These are courtesy of Essex Record Office.