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Hullbridge Village History

Welcome to Hullbridge Residents Death Index.

Index of Names

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SurnameIndividual's NameDate of DeathAge
Place of deathNewspaper
Allen Frederick John 30/Apr/1971 75 4 Crouch Caravan Park Local Review
Angel Florence Beatrice 14/May/1967 80 Eastward, The Walk Local Review
Angel Stanley 17/Jun/1969 76 Eastward, The Walk Local Review
Anglum Carole 2008 58 Ripples
Arnhill Brian John 24/2/2010 76 Lower Road Ripples
Aylott Ann Dorothy 24/Apr/1967 25 Elmont, Grasmere Avenue Local Review
Artis Jean 30/12/2010 74 Birchdale Ripples
Barham William John 6/May/1967 70 24 Mapledene Avenue Local Review
Bayley Pamela Diane 12/2/2009 64   Ripples
Beckwith Kenneth Ronald Aug 2013 82 Little Malyons, Malyons Lane Ripples
Brown Arthur Frederick 16/Dec/1969 79 6, Ponds Close, Pooles Lane Local Review
Brown Rosemary ??/11/2010   4, Meadow Road Ripples
Brown William 26/Dec/1969 54 22 Horseshoe Lawns, Tower Caravan Park Local Review
Chalkley Ethel Amelia 19/Apr/2010 79 5 Pooles Lane Linda Matthews (daughter)
Chapman George Robert 13/Feb/1969 65 50 Ferry Road Local Review
Clark Lily 31/Jan/2009 85   Ripples
Collins May Julia 18/Dec/1967 53 157 Ferry Road Local Review
Collins Sidney Bertram 11/Feb/1964 63 Rosart, Grasmere Avenue Local Review
Cook Richard John 11/Mar/1969 72 11 Horseshoe Lawn, Tower Caravan Park Local Review
Crook Emily Louisa 4/Feb/1969 81 Elm Nook, Windermere Avenue Local Review
Crook Ralph Knowles 4/Aug/1969 81 Elm Nook, Windermere Avenue Local Review
Dance Enid Avous 22/May/1969 65 7 Main Road, Tower Caravan Park Local Review
Davis Phil 3/12/2010   Keswick Ave Ripples
Englefield Amelia Anne 7/Dec/1969 68 Eagles, Mayfield Avenue Local Review
Esworthy Gertrude Grace 3 Sept 2013 90 Keswick Avenue Ripples
Evans William Andrew 25/May/1969 78 Roseneath, 78 Broom Road Local Review
Farrow Elsie Mary Isabel 18/Jan/1969 77 Linga Longa, Windermere Avenue Local Review
Green Edward George 18/May/1969 61 6 Pond Close, Tower Caravan Park Local Review
Hall Geoffrey ??/April/2014 Crouch Avenue Hullbridge Memories and History Facebook Forum
Hampton George Percy 26/Aug/1971 75 28 Keswick Avenue Local Review
Hancock George Percy 04/Aug/1965 72 14 Ferry Road Local Review
Harrison Nicholas John 24/May/1969 22 Farradays, 22, Ferry Road Local Review
Hart Emily 27/Apr/1971 71 30 Grasmere Avenue Local Review
Hatt Frederick Arthur 28/5/2011 87 Keswick Ave Ripples
Hazell John Charles 11/Dec/1967 24 121 Burnham Road Local Review
Hazle Albert Ernest 04/Aug/1965 71 40 Cedar Drive Local Review
Hewitt William Joseph 30/Dec/1967 74 Sunnyville, Waxwell Road Local Review
Howe Alice Ann 8/Oct/1969 92 Hotleg, South Avenue Local Review
Hymas Albert Ernest 8/Jan/1967 89 9 Pooles Lane Local Review
Karsten Stan 9/April/2009 87   Ripples
Kerrigan Florence 6/Oct/1971 91 5, Malyons Lane Local Review
Lancaster Hazel Maureen 17 Sept 2013 77 Malyons Lane Ripples
Lay John ??/5/1982 50 Julie Choat nee Lay(daughter)
Leat Mary Ann 30/Jul/1969 76 5, Sunshine Close Local Review
Longcroft Irene 5/9/2010   Tyndale Close Ripples
Maplesden Alice Ethel Evelyn 17/Feb/1969 77 The Bradstones, Meadow Road Local Review
Martin Florence 12/Sep/1965 89 The Ricks, Windermere Avenue Local Review
Martin Herbert 18/Dec/1967 91 The Ricks, Windermere Avenue Local Review
Morgan Christopher Ricard 6/Apr9/2012 72 Padgetts Way Sue James (daughter)
Norris Muriel ??/9/2011   Lower Road  
Palmer Eleanor Margaret 9/5/2012 91 Keswick Avenue Robert Palmer
Palmer Jabez 19/May/1967 73 Hibernia, Ambleside Gardens Local Review
Payton Maureen 31/1/2011 "Longreach" The Esplanade Ripples
Pearce William 17/Feb/1965 54 The Police Station, Ferry Road Local Review
Raven Doris 2010 68 Keswick Ave Ripples
Rehaag Gerhard (George) 16/Mar/2010 83   Echo
Robinson Alice 26/Mar/1967 85 108 Ferry Road Local Review
Rundle Phillip Jack 10/Oct/1965 68 Tower Caravan Park Local Review
Scott Ellen Agnes 28/Feb/1969 72 6, Crouch Caravan Park Local Review
Silcocks Charles Hubert 9/Feb/1967 Shalamar, Elm Grove Local Review
Smith Clara Maude 11/Jan/1969 71 Kenilworth, Coventry Corner Local Review
Smith Pat 17/2/2010 60   Echo
Soane Beryl 31/Jan/2014 81 Tower Caravan Park Facebook
Sowerbutts Peter 13/Jan/2008 82   Ripples
Standage Dorothy Ade 28/Jun/1969 64 8, Sunshine Close, Tower Caravan Park Local Review
Stracey Janet 21/Dec/2010   The Drive Ripples
Swain Keith 11/Jun/2008     Ripples
Swinscoe Ernest George 1992 72   Evelyne Swinscoe
Swinscoe Peggy Lily Amy 2/Dec/1985 61   Evelyne Swinscoe
Tyrrell Douglas 4/Aug/2008 43, Ambleside Gardens
Welsh Peter Clive ??/7/2005 66 "Alpha" Lower Road Ripples
Welsh Thomas Henry Reginald ??/6/2001 73 Kingsway Ripples
Weston Alice 2010 88 Grasmere Ave Ripples
White Clare /Apr/1971 62 20, Ambleside Gardens
White Gertrude 6/May/1964 78 Rosemary, Oakleigh Avenue
Wilkins Elizabeth Rita 1/Jun/1971 47 32 Crouch Caravan Site
Wilkinson John Edward 5/May/1964 50 Soho, Queen Anns Grove