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Hullbridge Village History

Welcome to the BT 1960 Phone Book Extraction for the Hullbridge Exchange.

Acknowledgement and thanks go to BT for making a copy of this directory available to the general public.

The list is in Surname order in order to help Genealogists.

Name Initials Business Address No Road Tel No.
Alexander Hugh E   Crouch View Cottage Crouchview Grove 265
Allen D.V.   Windy Ridge Central Avenue 263
Bacon A.J.   Green Pastures Mayfield Avenue 383
Barnes Mrs A.W.   Crouch Haven Ferry Road 236
Barnes G.W.   14 Kendall Close 386
Barton John R   Treesaison Church Road 216
Beckwith R.C. Farmer Malyons Farm Malyons lane 274
Biddell H.P.   Ivanhoe Mayfield Avenue 284
Birch Mrs V.A.     Ferry Road 241
Bird W.A. Farmer Wadham Park Farm Church Road 269
Bodger L.H.   The Chalet Pooles Lane 313
Bott R.A.   21 Pevensey Gardens 367
Brackley William S   Longwate Lower Road 381
Bradford S.G. Small Holding Cambourne, Wadham Park Lower Road 378
Brandy Hole Yacht Club   Yacht Station   Pooles Lane 248
Bridge Dr. R.E. MB ChB FRCS   Fairway Lower Road 281
Calder Mrs D.M.   Ivydale Grasmere Avenue 373
Carter C.H. Farmer Beeches Rawreth 247
Chalk Harry L   Sheba The Walk 293
Cook James S Dairy Farmer Sheepcoates Farm Lower Road 239
Cotter Mrs C.F.   Tranquilla The Walk 249
Cottis Mrs L.A.   Wharfdale Ferry Road 201
Coventry Corner Supplies       Ferry Road 337
Crouch Caravan Park Ltd       Pooles Lane 292
Cullis A.A.   Kingsman Farm   245
Davis W.S.J.   Halcyon Pooles Lane 329
Dome Country Club & Caravan Park       Lower Road 278
Downes A.R.   1 Central Avenue 214
Dowse E.J.   Beverley Lower Road 215
Eason R.W.   Bartons Farm Lower Road 228
Ellis L.G.A.   Le-Verger Merton Road 277
Ellis Les & Son Ltd Potato Merchants,   Wadham Park 277
Emerson F.R.   Malliag Lower Road 237
Fish S.M.   18 Kendall Close 222
Fleming J Poultry Farmer Lynton Farm Lower Road 328
Ford F.H.J.   Whitegates Ferry Road 226
Ford L.S. Pig Breeder Sharon Pooles Lane 233
Forsythe R.B.   5 Kendall Close 221
Gatward R.W.   2 Sheepcotes Cottages Lower Road 260
Graham L.W. Dairy Farmer Vicarage Farm   217
Green D & W. Hairdressers   Ferry Road 377
Greenaway Frederick G   Woodley Lower Road 267
Greenwood David   Tower Caravan Park Pooles Lane 327
Hadsphaltic Construction Co. Ltd   Civil Engineers   Rayleigh 364
Halcyon Caravan Park   Caravan Park   Pooles Lane 329
Halling G.R.   Riverdale Pooles Lane 229
Harber S.J.   Sidoran Pooles Lane 322
Harris C.H.H.   Cornside Grasmere Avenue 273
Harrison A Electronics Engineer, 2 Elm Cottage Ferry Road 238
Hart Maison L.M     Ferry Road 237
Hope A   Deasham Lower Road 388
Horscroft G.H.W. Poultry Farmer Tree Tope Lower Road 335
Houghton J.W.   Lyndhurst Ferry Road 362
Hullbridge County Primary School   School   Ferry Road 282
Hullbridge Garage   Garage   Ferry Road 357
Hullbridge PO   Post Office   Ferry Road 242
Hullbridge Stores       Ferry Road 279
Hurst F.J. & Sons Ltd Farmer Highlands Farm Battlesbridge 350
Hutton's Estate Agents   Estate Agents   Ferry Road 230
Jones C.S.   Sousfriere Ferry Road 326
Knell C.W.   Kenjean Lower Road 224
Knight H.A. Service Station   Coventry Hill 331
Lane George E   Geraldene Lower Road 369
Leete G.C.   Robdale Ferry Road 206
Long (Hullbridge) Ltd   Newsagents,Tobaconists, 167 Ferry Road 270
Lord B   Oakleigh Burnham Road 232
Lower Road PO   Post Office   Hockley 343
Mayfield House Club   Restaurant   Ferry Road 252
Melia M   Iona Burlington Gardens 268
Merry J.F.   12 Pevensey Gardens 266
Mills P.J.   4 Kendall Close 275
Moore James A   7 Malyons lane 244
Moss A.W. Inn Anchor Inn Ferry Road 205
Myhill Mrs M.J. Garden Stores   Lower Road 203
Myner C.R. Drug Store   Waxwell Road 353
Orthner A.E.   Albert Burnham Road 365
Owen T.F.   Kismet Grasmere Avenue 311
Palmer J.V. General Stores, Post Office Ferry Road 242
Patching T.M.   Melkasham The Drive 556
Patricia Hair Stylist   Hair Stylists 100 Ferry Road 256
Phillips R.W.   Boswell Grasmere Avenue 352
Police   Police   Ferry Road 372
Polley J.E. Taxi Fir Tree Cottage Lower Road 259
Potter W   Flagstaff Rise Central Avenue 323
Quy L.W.   Longview The Esplanade 385
Robinson Frank   Eventide Bungalow Ferry Road 310
Rudling W.E.   Gwennett Grasmere Avenue 251
Rusling P.A.   102 White Lodge Ferry Road 225
Sharp T   21 Kendall Close 387
Short L.R.   267 Ferry Road 218
Smith F.E.   30, The Close, Dome Country Club Lower Road 361
Smith Samuel   Elmstead The Walk 253
Smugglers Den Ltd   Club 315 Ferry Road 261
Steward W.J.   The Den The Esplanade 227
Stone-Arts       Ferry Road 346
Strange F.W.   Tinkersfield Hullbridge Road 288
Sutton William   529 Ferry Road 363
Taylor G   Fenview The Esplanade 318
Thorpe G.A. & Sons     Walfords Hullbridge Road 235
Tower A.E. Market Gardener   Ferry Road 209
Townsend M.F.     Clovally Pooles Lane 389
Travers E.H.   Lower Hockley Hall Lower Road 262
Trunley H.V. & H.J. Smallholders & Builders Bijou Ferry Road 338
Trunley P.W. General Engineers Courtlands Ferry Road 345
Tuck A & Son   Animal Research Borderers, The Mousery Watery Lane 280
Turner R.P.   Sunray Waxwell Road 272
Viney J   289 Ferry Road 291
Wall Jane   Anchor Cottage Ferry Road 342
Warbis S.A.   27 Pevensey Gardens 351
Ward J.R.   Mermaids Lower Road 257
Warren James   Pickerels Farm Battlesbridge 204
Watkins F.J.E.   Meadowcroft Lower Road 271
Weaven J.R.   Wadham Park Wadham Park 269
Wilson G.F.   The Cottage Hillcrest Avenue 380
Witte J Carpenter Cartref 6 Crouch Avenue 243
Wortley Jack & Son,   Butchers,   Ferry Road 294
Wray Mrs D.M.   Trianon Church Lane 349
Wright G.W.   Elm Lodge Pooles Lane 287

Acknowledgement is made to the following contributions that this history was compiled from:-