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Hullbridge Village History

Welcome to the BT 1954 Phone Book Extraction for the Hullbridge Exchange

Acknowledgement and thanks go to BT for making a copy of this directory available to the general public.

The list is in Surname order in order to help Geneologists.

Name Initials Business Address No Road Tel No.
Alexander Hugh E   Crouch View Cottage Crouchview Grove 265
Allen D.V.   11 Pevensey Gardens 232
Angel E.A.   Eastwood The Walk 251
Barker G.F.   19 Pevensey Gardens 221
Barnes T   Crouch Haven Ferry Road 236
Batten George A   Wadham Park Farm Church Road 269
Beckwith R.C. Farmer Malyons Farm Malyons lane 274
Biddell H.P.   Ivanhoe Mayfield Avenue 284
Birch Earnest E   15 Pevensey Gardens 289
Blakler H.M.   Flagstaff Rise Central Avenue 323
Bodger L.H.   "The Chalet" Pooles Lane 313
Brandy Hole Yacht Club   Yacht Station   Pooles Lane 248
Bridge Dr. R.E. MB ChB FRCS   "Fairway" Lower Road 281
Carter C.H. Farmer Beeches Rawreth 247
Chalk Harry I   "Sheba" The Walk 322
Collis William S     Coventry Corner 240
Cook E.S. Farmer Boxes Farm Watery Lane 321
Cotter Mrs C.F.   Tranquilla The Walk 249
Crabbe A.S. Pig Breeder 4 Central Avenue 293
Crabbe Arthur W   Vinns Mead   208
Crouch Caravan Park Ltd       Pooles Lane 292
Cuckow F.T.   Sandroyd House Lower Road 256
Cullis A.A.   Kingsman Farm   245
Davis W.C. Caravan Camp Speranza Rosilian Drive 263
Doall Services     The Dome Country Club Lower Road 325
Dome Country Club & Caravan Park       Lower Road 278
Downes A.R.   Elinor Cottage Central Avenue 214
Dowse E.J.   Beverley Lower Road 215
Eason R.W.   Bartons Farm Lower Road 228
Elliot C.W. Newsagents,Tobaconists,   Ferry Road 270
Ellis L.G.A.   "Le-Verger" Merton Road 277
Ellis Les & Son Ltd Potato Merchants,   Wadham Park 277
Essex Towing Services     Kandy Lower Road 317
Farnell Ronald W   Tremayne Ferry Road 258
Ford F.H.J.   Whitegates Ferry Road 226
Ford L.S. Pig Breeder Sharon Pooles Lane 233
Gatward R.W.   2 Sheepcotes Cottages Lower Road 260
Graham L.W. Dairy Farmer Vicarage Farm   217
Greenwood David   Tower Caravan Park Pooles Lane 327
Harper J.E.   Tresaison Church Hill 216
Harris C.H.H.   Cornside Grasmere Avenue 273
Harrison A Electronics Engineer, 2 Elm Cottage Ferry Road 238
Hart Maison L.M     Ferry Road 237
Hill J.W.   "The Mount" Lower Road 255
Hornsby D.S.   The Dome Country Club Lower Road 316
Hullbridge County Primary School   School   Ferry Road 282
Hullbridge PO   Post Office   Ferry Road 242
Hullbridge Radio Service       Ferry Road 229
Hullbridge Stores       Ferry Road 279
Illsley M.E.   Hylton Lower Road 241
Knell C.W.   Kenjean Lower Road 224
Leadbitter Mrs M. J.   Spousfriere Ferry Road 326
Lepley Albert   24 Pevensey Gardens 272
Little J. Estate Agent Wayside Ferry Road 254
Lock A.A.G.   Gateside Ferry Road 268
Love J.E.   25 Pevensey Gardens 264
Mayfield Social Club   Restaurant 142 Ferry Road 252
Merry J.F.   12 Pevensey Gardens 266
Morland George W.   Poolehurst Pooles Lane 223
Morris George F.   Kandy Lower Road 317
Moss A.W.   Anchor Inn Ferry Road 205
Myhill Mrs M.J. Store Keeper Hockley Garden Stores Lower Road 203
Offord W.J.& Sons Printers Farm View Lower Road 237
Owen T.F.   Kismet Grasmere Avenue 311
Palmer J.V. General Stores, Post Office Ferry Road 242
Parker O. L.   Sylvacat Creekview Avenue 285
Philpot R   Lyndhurst Deep Ferry Road 291
Polley J. Taxi Four Winds Covenrty Hill 259
Robinson Frank   Eventide Ferry Road 310
Short L.R.   Crouch House Ferry Road 218
Simmons George H   Lyndhurst Ferry Road 219
Smith Samuel   Elmstead The Walk 253
Smugglers Den Ltd   Club 315 Ferry Road 261
Stares L.K.   Fairview Coventry Hill 324
Steward W.J.   "The Den" The Esplanade 227
Stuttle S.R.   "Twist Niet" The Walk 210
Sutherland H.L.   Clevedon Burnham Road 314
Taylor G   "Fenview" The Esplanade 318
Thorpe G.A. & Sons     Walfords Hullbridge Road 235
Tower A.E. Market Gardener   Ferry Road 209
Tower Caravan Park   Caravan Camp   Pooles Lane 312
Travers E.H.   Hockley Hall Lower Road 262
Tuck A & Son   Animal Research Borderers, "The Mousery" Watery Lane 280
Waite H.R.   23 Pevensey Gardens 283
Ward J.R.   "Mermaids" Lower Road 257
Warren James   Pickerels Farm Battlesbridge 204
Watkins F.J.E.   "Meadowcroft" Coventry Hill 271
Weaven J.R.   Wadham Park Wadham Park 269
Wicks Charles T   Tinkersfield Hullbridge Road 276
Wilby H.F.   Crowhurst Pooles Lane 230
Wooltorton Mrs D.M. Dairy Farmer Sheepcoates Farm Lower Road 239
Wortley Jack & Son,   Butchers, 129 Ferry Road 294