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Hullbridge Village History

Welcome to the BT 1935 and 1939 Phone Book Extraction for the Hullbridge Exchange.

Acknowledgement and thanks go to BT for making a copy of this directory available to the general public.

The list is in Surname order in order to help Geneologists.

Name Initials Business Address No Road Tel No. Exch
Brown B H General Stores Hullbridge Post Office   142 Rayleigh
Ellis Les   Wholesale Fruitier Wadham Park 77 Hockley
Hullbridge Garage   Garage   Coventry Corner 105y6 Rayleigh
Hullbridge S.O.   Post Office     142 Rayleigh
Hullbridge Tea Gardens   Tea Garden     105y3 Rayleigh
Jones J.T. Grocery Stores   Hullbridge stores 105x4 Rayleigh
Moss A Inn Anchor Inn   105x5 Rayleigh
Pawsey W.J.   "Bijou" Main Rd 105y5 Rayleigh
Pinkerton R.H. Market Gardener Lubards Lodge   17 Rayleigh
Simpson F   "Poolehurst"   105x1 Rayleigh
Smith A General Stores     105x3 Rayleigh
Tuck A.W. Research Borderer "The Mousery"   180 Rayleigh
Webster Joseph   "Farmlea" Hullbridge Road 94 Rayleigh
Withers H Removals   Coventry Hill 105x7 Rayleigh
Name Initials Business Address No Road Tel No. Exch
Beckwith R.C. Farmer "Malyons Farm" Hullbridge 274 Rayleigh
Brown B.H. General Stores Hullbridge PO   142 Rayleigh
Butler V.F.   "Norwood" Hullbridge Road 370 Rayleigh
Crabbe Arthur W   "Vinns Mead" Hullbridge 308 Rayleigh
Dowse T J Fismonger   Lower Road 105y7 Rayleigh
Ellis Les     Wadham Park 77 Hockley
Frigidaire Night Service     "Wharfdale" Ferry Road 318 Rayleigh
Ginivan E.M. Garden Stores   Lower Road 203 Hockley
Haldane Dr F.P.   "Ridgeway" Hullbridge Road 354 Rayleigh
Hill A   "Riverside House" Lower Road 156 Hockley
Hullbridge S.O.   Post Office     142 Rayleigh
Illsley M.E.   "Hylton" Lower Road 201 Hockley
Jackson Hugh McD. C     Wadham Park 102 Hockley
King J.C.   "Hazelcot" The Esplanade 411 Rayleigh
Love J.E. Builder   Grasmere Avenue 356 Rayleigh
Mays R.C.   Newhall Lower Road 126 Hockley
Moss A.W. Inn Anchor Inn Hullbridge 105x5 Rayleigh
Nicholson C   Lower Hockley Hill Cottages Lower Road 194 Hockley
Pinkerton R.H. Market Gardner Lubards Lodge   17 Rayleigh
Smale F.W.   "Elmcote" Windermere Avenue 391 Rayleigh
Thorpe G.A. Farmers Sheepcotes Farm Lower Road 139 Hockley
Tuck A.W. Research Borderer "The Mousery"   180 Rayleigh
Watkins F.J.E.   "Meadowcroft" Coventry Hill 13 Rayleigh
Watson S.J. Builder Decorator "Oakford", Montiflore Ave., Hullbridge Road 65 Rayleigh
Withers H   "Remis" Coventry Hill 259 Rayleigh
Woodham James   "Farmlea" Hullbrige Road 293 Rayleigh
Wright A Nurseryman   Hullbridge Road 105y4 Rayleigh

Acknowledgement is made to the following contributions that this history was compiled from:-