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Hullbridge Village History

1st Hullbridge Scout Troop


It was in 1960 that Mr Hardy, the school headmaster, had the idea that Boy Scout, Cubs and Girl Guide, Brownies troops should be formed in Hullbridge. He put the proposal to the Residents Association who concurred and so volunteers were sought and found. Peter Rusling became the Group Scout Leader with Sid Harber the Scout Leader and Jack Williams the Assistant Scout Leader, Bill Trower was the Group Secretary.

Clipping from January 1961 Local Review newspaper showing
									the Scouts,Cubs and Brownies enjoying their Christmas Beanfeast in the village hall A photograph cutting taken from the Local Review newspaper Jan 1961. The photo is taken in Hullbridge Village Hall from the Saturday previous where the 1st Hullbridge Scout, Cubs and Brownies had their Christmas Party with the food being mostly donated by the children's parents.
In attendance was Mr D. Dack Assistant District Commissioner for Cubs who presented warrants to Group Scout Leader Mr P Rusling, Cub Mistress Mrs E Vaughan and Scout Master Mr S Harber. The photographer is standing just in front of the kitchen and the Hall's stage can be seen in the background.
The Guides had not yet been formed due to lack of a volunteer to run them. Sid was a very good pastry cook and artist.


Local Review newspaper clipping 30th November showing cubs scouts seated
				   						In Hawkwell Village Hall to celebrate the Cub Scout's Jubilee Yeat 50 years. Nov 25th
To celebrate the end of the Cubs Scouts movement's 50th Anniversary cub scouts from the region's packs met at Hawkwell village including some cubs from 1st Hullbridge.



Newspaper clipping dd 26May showing the 1st Hullbridge Cub Scouts and 4th Rayleigh 
									teams that took part in the Whittaker Cup Final for Boy Scouts.. Apr 17th 1971 NORTH DISTRICT CUB SCOUTS WHITTAKER CUP FINAL TEAMS
The following people are in this photo:-
BACK ROW LEFT to RIGHT: 1) ? , 2) ? , 3) ? , 4) ? , 5) Peter Leighton, 6) Robert Palmer, 7) David Hughes, 8) ? Manager.
FRONT ROW LEFT to RIGHT: 9) ? , 10) ? , 11) ? , 12) ? , 13) ? , 14) ? .
Newspaper clipping dd 26May showing the 1st Hullbridge Cub Scouts with their
									Whittaker Trophy which they shared with 4th Rayleigh following a 2-2 after extra time
									Cup Final. May Newspaper clipping showing 1st Hullbridge Cub Scouts in their hut behind St Thomas's of Canterbury Church, Thorpedene Ave, Hullbridge. They are holding their medals and thropy which they hold for 6 months before handing to 4th Rayleigh, as neither team could win the final even after extra time back in April.


Acknowledgement is made to the following contributions that this history was compiled from:-