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Hullbridge Village History

Hockley County Secondary School

View of school from Plumberow 
			school in 1964.

A photo taken from Plumberow Primary School around 1964.(Courtesy of Southend Standard April 1964) The picture shows Hockley Secondary Modern School and playing fields.

The Start of the school.

Before there was a senior school in Hockley the children of the area would go to Fitzwymarc School, Rayleigh. In 19?? it was decided that a senior school was required and land in Greensward Lane, Hockley was identified as suitable and was duly acquired.

In Sept 1960 with not all building yet completed the school opened for its first admissions which was a mixture of 1st year and 2nd year students. The headmaster assigned to run the school was a Mr A. Griffiths supported by Miss B Finch. Details of the opening and later years can be found on NEXT PAGE.

List of Heads.

Name and Status Training Date of appointment Date left and reason
Griffiths A,Headmaster (Group 10) Leeds Univ 1946-50
1949 B.A.
1954 M.A.
1st Sept 1960 31st August 1963 Take up post as a lecturer at Leeds University
Finch, Miss B L Deputy Head (Domestic Science) National Society's Training College 1947-50 1st September 1960 31st August 1963 Appointed Head teacher of Eastwood High School for Girls
Cardy, Miss E.J. Deputy Headmistress Head of Domestic Science at Leominster Grammar school, Hereford 1st January 1964

Crevey, S Headmaster
Oct 1963

List of Teaching Staff

Name and Status Training Date of appointment Date left and reason
Ballam, H.A. Qualified Assistant
1st September 1963 Vice Mrs Main

Birchinall P.E.A. Head of English Department English teacher at King John County Secondary School 1st September 1964

Booth, Miss C Graduate
1st September 1963 Vacancy on establishment 31st August 1964 Marriage and removal from area
Brettingham, J.W. Qualified Assistant
1st September 1962 vacancy on establishment 31st December 1964 Appointment Ramsay Grammar School Hunts.,
Carter, Mrs J Qualified Assistant
22nd January 1963 On supply, mornings only, during absence of Mrs Sewter

Clifford, Mrs B Part time teacher for shorthand and typewriting 10hrs p.w.
10th September 1963

Cordell, A.J. Head of Mathematics and Science Department (Grade B Allowance £240 p.a.) Borough Road Training College 1952-54 1st September 1960 26th April 1963 Became a rep for a publishing firm
Davies, Miss B.M. Qualified Assistant
1st September 1963 Vacancy on establishment

Davis C.D. Head of Social Studies
1st September 1964

Davis, M.P. Qualified Assistant Master Assistant curate and army chaplain for 9 years 29th April 1963

Dukes, J.W.Graduate
1st September 1962 till 31st Aug 1963 vacancy on establishment 28th April 1963 Transferred to Hockley County Primary
Emery, M.J. Temporary Assistant master
1st January 1962 and 17th September 1963 31 st Aug 1962 entering training college
Evans, Miss A Assistant Mistress (Domestic Science) National Training College of Domestic Science 1957-60 1st September 1960 31st Dec 1961 to obtain another appointment
Furnace, B.W. Head of Mathematics
29th April 1963

Mayes, A.A. Master of Science Scale 2 Graded Post
1st September 1963

Lent-Mcullin, Miss J.E. Qualified Assistant
1st September 1962 Vice Mr M F R Sheldon

Lobban, H.W.K Qualified Assistant
1st September 1963 Vacancy on establishment

Main, Mrs J.E. Qualified Assistant

28th April 1963 appointed to primary school in Southend
McConnell, Miss K.M.H. Graduate
1st September 1964 Vice Miss Booth

Measham D.C. Head of English Department (Grade B Allowance £240 p.a.) Birmingham Univ 1950-54
1953 B.A.
1st September 1960 30th April 1963 Appointed lecturer at Matlock Training college
Milsom, E.J. Assistant Master (Handicrafts and Technical Drawing)
In receipt of Scale 1 Graded post allowance of £90 p.a.
Shoreditch Training College 1947-49 1st September 1960

Moore, J.B.A. Qualified Assistant
Mathematics and Technical Drawing
Garnett Technical Teachers Training College 6th July 1964 Vacancy on establishment

Moyle, Miss J Qualified Assistant
1st September 1964
Vice Mrs Surcouf

Moysen, Miss P.C. Qualified Asistant scale 1 Graded post
31st December 1964
Appointment Army Childrens school Germany

Ogden, Mrs A.M. Assistant Mistress (Girls Physical Education)
In receipt of scale 1 graded post allowance £90 p.a.
I.M. Marsh College of Physical Education 1956-59 10th October 1960 31st Aug 1962 Personal
Osborne, D.M. Qualified Assistant
1st September 1963
Vacancy on establishment

Pope, D.W. (Geography and History) Head of Social Studies Department.
(Grade A allowance £150 p.a.
Birmingham Univ 1951-54
South Wales Univ 1956-7
1954 B.Comm
1st September 1960 5th April 1964 Appointed Assistant lecturer at Filton Technical College, Bristol
Porter, R.J. Temporary teacher
6th September 1962
Vacancy on establishment - temporary appointment for duration of autumn term in first instance
31st December 1962 End of temporary assignment
Riley Miss P.Y. Assistant Mistress (Needlework) Battersea Domestic Science Training College 1945-8 1st September 1960

Sandercock, Mrs G. M. Occaisional
10th October 1962
Part time violin teacher 2hrs per week

Sewter, Mrs J Qualified Assistant
1st September 1962
increase in numbers on roll

Sheldon, M.F.R. Assistant Master (Music)
In receipt of scale 1 graded post allowance £90 p.a.
College of St Mark and St John 1947-49 1st January 1961 30th April 1962. Another appointment in Oxfordshire
Shilton, Miss W.A. Assistant Mistress for English
24th September 1962 31st August 1963 To obtain another appointment
Silverstone. Mrs J.E. Qualified Assitant
29th April 1963
On supply mornings only

Stiles, R.W. Qualified Assistant
1st January 1963 28th April 1963 End of termly engagement transferred to new Thundersley County Primary School
Surcouf, Mrs P.E. Qualified Assistant

31st August 1964 Removal to Jersey
Taylor, J.F. Assistant Master for Metalwork
14th September 1962 23rd May 1967 Died Plane Crash
Toombs, D. J. Assistant Master (French, P.E. and History) Culham College 1958-60 1st September 1960

Warren, Mrs M.B. Qualified Assistant
1st Sept 1962
Vice Miss J A Holme

Warrens, P.V.C. Head of Art and Craft Dept
(Grade A allowance £150 p.a.
Croydon College of Art 1949-50
Wimbledon School of Art 1950-52
Hornsey School of Art 1952-53
N.D.D. and Art teachers certificate.
1st January 1961

Acknowledgement is made to the following contributions that this history was compiled from:-