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Hullbridge Village History

The History of 61, Lower Road.

Hullbridge Builders Supplies

This property was built by Mr Eddie c 1928 as part of his Hullbridge Gardens Estate.
Initially as can be seen in the photo below (Padgett 6012) it was part of his timber yard. Mr Spencer Welsh the Grandson of Mr Eddie recalls in his memories.
Having initiated and commenced his development of the Hullbridge Gardens Estate centred around Coventry Corner, Mr Eveleigh (Eddie) built his shop unit c 1928 adjacent to his timber yard situated on the right hand side.(see photo above.) His eldest married daughter Jessie Welsh who lived next door to the left at "Alpha" number 63, helped serve in the shop selling building supplies as shown in the window of the photo above amd paraffin for home heating from a drum in front of the wood yard.The store also supplied the materials required by the estate building team and their workmen, managed by his son in law Draughtsman/Bricklayer Thomas Welsh and his sons Edgar Reginald Eveleigh , Roofer/Carpenter and Henry Francis Eveleigh, Painter/ Decorator/Glazier. Painted on the upper right hand side wall in large red letters weree the words "HULLBRIDGE BUILDERS SUPPLY". To the right of the palling fence was a single storey, building which was Mr Eveleigh's building operations office (Frank Eddie Builder Ltd)....
....The shop later became the "MERMAID ANTIQUES" shop before sale c 1960 when it was wholly converted to residential use.

Mermaid Antiques

In 1967 Mermaids is listed against J.R.Ward ib Telephone Directory the Number being Hullbridge 257.

Howards Record Shop

Angela Harris, Shani Sewell,Greg Colbourne and Phil Greorge remember the shop on HMH Facebook group dd 24 Feb 2014. Shani said " the chap who ran the shop and lived there was John Howard, he was in the music business until he retired and a friend of a friend. The couple were John and Mary but we can't remember the shops name"
Greg said " Near to Coventry corner in Lower Road there used to be a record shop. Shelley Howards dad, he worked for Melody Maker I seem to remember"
Phil George posted "I bought two records in that shop around 1973-75. Just bought it all back, sadly don't still have the records though. Real Man 45rmp Todd Rundgren and an overlooked classic 'Don Alfonso' Mike Oldfield and David Bedford one of the strangest but utterly compelling single releases ever..... if you don't believe me watch this,Don Alfonso

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