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Hullbridge Village History

The History of 260, Lower Road.

Shaw's Sweet Shop

Mark Burton posted on the HMH Facebook Group dd 5 Mar 2014 "Mrs Shaw and her husband Dave owned it.
David Low posted on the HMH Facebook Group dd 5 Mar 2014 "Living in Pevensey Gdns as a child to adult, I have very fond memory of buying Fruit Salads, Black Jack and Sherbet Dips for half a pence, my mum used to buy me a Walnut Whip if I was good, which on the face of it was little to often.
Mr and Mrs Shaw, lovely people, and I was even allowed to buy matches which Mrs Shaw always told me to take the straight home, big responsibility for a 7 yr old, but these were the days when kids could be trusted and the laws were fairly lapsed.

Horse Saddlery Shop

Elizabeth Cook (nee Gatehouse) posted on HMH Facebook Group on 5th March 2014 " Its funny cause my Nick owns that house."
David Low posted on HMH Facebook Group 5 March 2014 "I recall him moving there maybe in the late 80's early 90's and the shop re-opening as horse saddlery shop. I think there was a pargeted horse head on the side of house"

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