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Hullbridge Village History

The History of 106, Lower Road. Ordnance Survey Grid Ref (TQ 812 941)

Withers removals

This piece of land was originally part of Hanover Farm and there is no sign of any building near this plot on the 1924 Ordnance Survery Map. In 1937 with the development of the "Hullbridge Garden Estate" by Mr Eddy a building is shown on that years Ordnance Survey Map. (See above maps).
Peter Withers recalls in his memories "Advertising in newspapers in London caught the eye of many families and most likely my grandparents who were living in Tooting and running a removal business, were one of them, it is also possible that my grandfather saw an opportunity for building his business as there were lots of land for sale in the Hullbridge area and many of the buyers would want to have either all or some their belongings moved down." With all the new development going on in Hullbridge and the surrounding area, Mr Withers most likely saw the move to this location as a golden opportunity as at the time there was not many if any removal companies in the area. Initially he had a horse and a pantechnican which made getting up and down the unmade roads a lot easier than if using a lorry, but eventually he succumbed and bought a lorry. Mr Withers installed an underground tank and pump, the first in the village to hold petrol for his lorry but he did not sell to the public as by this time Mr George Boul was selling petrol at his garage at the bottom of the hill on Coventry Corner (see 59 Lower Road).. A photo of the petrol pump is printed in Mr John Thorpe's "Paths of former time" on page 86.

Hullbridge Garage

Some time after the war Bert Knight bought the land and built a garage on the land. He signed a contract to sell Esso petrol and Hullbridge Garage came into existance. Christine Gray recalls in her memories "It was an Esso garage situated on the top of Coventry Hill opposite Hillcrest. IN the photo below you can see dad offloading the fuel into the storage tank
In 1967 Nan sold the garage to Amoco and part of the sale meant she got 2 houses built. Nan's garage was demolished and re built which is the same building that is there today.Dad continued to work there and helped with the hand over of the business.

A black and white photo showing an Esso petrol tanker offloading on a garage forecourt A black and white phot showing a man bending over to tie his shoes laces
		    						whilst behind him is a young boy and lady and behind them another older gentleman. To the right of them is a gentleman sitting in an old car. They are all
		    						 at an Esso Garage

Hullbridge Motor Company

Around Nov 1967 the Esso garage was sold to "Southend Racing Equipment Ltd., and the old building and pumps were demolished to make way for a new building and pumps. The petrol was changed to Amoco and treble Green Shield stamps were given on 4 Gallons and over.

An article in the November edition of The Resident said the following:-
Residents cannot fail to have noticed that the garage at the top of Coventry Hill is finally reached completion and has now opened under the direction of Southend Racing Equipment Limited.
The Company is th eresult of the amalgamation of Olis Thatchers business, Southend Racing Partnership and Road and Track Accessories Limited, run by Paul Walford.
Naturally there is a tendancy towards the more specialised aspets of motoring - Olis beingthe racng specialist and Paul specialising in Racing equipment. However the partners intend to cater for every aspect of motoring and will fit a new valve in your tyre just as cheerfully as they would fit a full race engine if asked to do so.
The garage is open from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. Monday to Saturda and 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Sundays. Unlike so many other garages the stores are also open during these hours and motorists can purchase spares and accessories at any time.
The aim of the Partners is to give Hullbridge what has apparently been lacking for time - a fully comprehensive motoring service. Although their services already include everything from hot drinks and cigarettes, light refreshments and a taxi service to major engine overhauls and car sales, they are always on the lookout for new ways of increasing their range of services. You are cordially invited to call in at any time to sample the services at your new Amocoa Garage.

Coventry Hill Service Station

In March 1992 It was called the Coventry Hill Service Station selling Elf Petrol and Oil with tel: No's (0702) 232353 and (0702) 230309.

Sugarcraft Ltd.,

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