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Hullbridge Village History

The History of Hullbridge Girl Guides

Index of Names

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SurnameIndividual's NameDate of joiningAge at joiningRangerAge at leaving
Booty Jilly
Chart Lynn Y
Congram Debra
Doody Joanne
Dove Gillian 1963
Dunt Jennifer 1963
Gray Christine 1963
Halley Jackie
Harforth Dawn
Haywood Teresa (Queens Guide)
Hodson Terresa 1963
Lamb Lorraine
Looker Linda 1963 Y
Looker Susan 1963
McKenzie Alison 1963
McNamara Susan 1964
Mason Bonitta (Queens Guide) 1964 10
Mason Jacqueline (Queens Guide) 1964 10
Mills Jackie
Monks Jenny Y
Olley Janine (Queens Guide)
Olley Julie (Queens Guide)
Olley Lisa (Queens Guide)
Olley Toni (Queens Guide)
Panracker Louise
Peake Jeanette
Pearson Caroline
Quinn Mary
Rackham Tracy
Rose Valery Y
Russell Donna
Snelling Kendal 1963
Snelling Kerry
Wynn Linda 1963

The Beginning


On the 30th Jan 1936 the Southend Standard reported the following:- "The Hullbridge Free Church Members held two memorial services one on Sunday the other on Tuesday
On the former occaision there was a good attendance and the preacher was Mr Marshall of Ashingdon. The local company of Girl Guides attended.
On Tuesday the service was again well atended when the speaker was Mr Blackeby of Hockley. The Guides and Brownies, also some Scouts attended with their draped colours, the whole being under the charge of Miss Fassam, the Guide Captain. Miss Keeble and Lieut Mrs Crawford (President of Hullbridge Free Church) whilst Brown Owl Miss Brody Lillie, was colour bearer.
Mrs Crawford presided at the organ on each occaision.


It is decided in June of this year that the village girls need to have a Guides and Brownies organization and a committee is formed by the parents.
The first task on their agenda is to find a leader. This they do and that person has been trained to lead young girls, but unfortunately they have to drop out for personal reasons.
Girls from the village wanting to be in the Guides have to join 1st Rayleigh Company.


On the 8th Feb 1961 the Local Review reported:-
Unsuccesful parents to try again

The village had set up a Guides and Brownie Paents Association chaired by Mr D Hardy the school headmaster.It's committee was 12 strong.
A meeting is called to find parents wishing to volunteer to run or help. It is held at the Village Hall at 3 p.m. on 4th Feb and the Guide District Commisioner Mrs E N Kingston is invited along, unfortunately no parents turn up as so reluctantly Mr Hardy closes the meeting with the only thing achieved is that another meeting will be held in one months time. Mr Hardy said"Both Guides and Brownies are definitely needed and the aims of our Association when we started was to get a Scout Troop and Cub pack started and to get a Guide and Brownie Troop in the village. we have the first two now we must work very hard for the others." Mrs Kingston commented that it was a nationwide difficulty to obtain leaders for the organization.


According to an article written Nov 1966 The Resident the 1st Hullbridge Guide Company was reformed in July 1963.
A letter from Gweneth A. Howell of 70 Abbey Road was published in the Local News dd 23 Aug 1963 which said the following:-
"Dear Sir, May we ask your help in publicising the formation of a new Guide Company - 1st Hullbridge Guide Company. If you could print a small paragraph saying that we meet every Thursday evening at 7 p.m. at Hullbridge Primary School and welcome girls 11-15 years who are interested in Guiding we should be very grateful. "


1st Hullbridge Guides Float 1964
Aug 6th
1st Hullbridge Guides Carnivel Float
People in photo are :-
BACK ROW LEFT to RIGHT:1) ?, 2) Minnie Snelling, 3) Linda Looker, 4) Linda Wynn, 5) Jennifer Dunt, 6) Jennifer Quinn(nee Monk), 7) Alison Mackenize, 8) Susan Cole nee Looker).
FRONT ROW LEFT to RIGHT:9) Christine Gray, 10) Kendal Snelling, 11) Gillian Dove, 12) Theresa Jean Hodson.


According to an article written Nov 1966 The Resident the 1st Hullbridge Guide Company at this time consisted of 2 officers (Mrs M Snelling and Mrs ?) and 21 guides. Meetings were on Friday evenings at 6:30 p.m. in the new school hall and any girl over ten and a half could join.
It also reported that Susan Looker had just reached the standard of 1st Class, possibly the first Hullbridge Guide to do so.
Minnie also wrote in the article that the Guides had recently obtained the old sports pavilion (from the rec) for use as Headquarters and she would like to thank Counciloors Long, Harrison and Gardner for their assistance in this. She made an appeal to the villagers especially the builders in the village to volunteer with its re construction and repair as they had received donations of materials from Mr Gregory and Mr Raven of Sherrifs Builders. However there was a limited time for this to happen.


In The Resident Nov 1967 an article stated that under the captaincy of Mrs Snelling the 1st Hullbridge Guide Company had grown to over 40 odd girls. A "Go Guide Club" held after the normal Guide meeting for older girls had been set up and that it was Mrs Snelling plan to set up a Senior Guide Branch in January 1968 for girls fourteen to nineteen years old.
Mrs Joyce Reaney of 7 Coventry Close is to be taking over from Mrs Snelling and she will be suported by Mrs Gladys Chart of "Dawnmist" Lower Road and Mrs Willshire of 72 Abbey Road as Lieutenants.


Page from the Hullbridge Herald April 1968.
The people in the photo are:-
FRONT ROW LEFT to RIGHT:-1) ? , 2) ? , 3) ? , 4) ? , 5) ? , 6) ? , 7) ? , 8) ? .
NEXT ROW LEFT to RIGHT:-9) ? , 10) ? , 11) ?, 12) ? , 13) ?, 14) ? , 15) ? , 16) ? .
NEXT ROW LEFT to RIGHT:-17) ? , 18) ? , 19) ? , 20) ? , 21) ?, 22) ? , 23) ? , 24) ? , 25) ? , 26) ? , 27) ? , 28 ) ? , 29) ?.
BACK ROW LEFT to RIGHT:-30) ? , 31) ? , 32) ? , 33) ? , 34) ? , 35) ? , 36) ? .
Photo courtesy of Southend Standard.

In 1968 the Guides organization changed their uniforms and this was reported in the village's April edition of theHullbridge Herald A clipping appeared in the Southend Standard showing some Guides (in their new uniforms), and Pensioners and villagers who took part in the year's Fete (see above).

The following piece appeared in the Hullbridge Herald March 1968.
The annual trip of Guides and Rangers to London tookplace during February. The Guides, withy Mrs Reaney and Mrs Chart, visited several museums and St Paul's whilt the Rangers, with Mrs Snelling went to Portobello Road street market and to the PDSA Animal Sanitorium at Woodford Bridge Rd. They all met again at the Lyons Corner House in the Strand.
At Portobello Road the Rangers bought a silver christening spoon which, suitably inscribed, they will present to the new church to be built this year at Thorpedene Avenue.
Hullbridge girls recently visited Rayleigh Rangers to see a demonstration by the Army Youth Team from Shoebury of unarmed combat and self defence. After this the Rangers were able to practice various holds among themselves.
A second canoe has been aquired at a cost of £10.00, and when the weather improves the Rangers will start their capsize drill under the instruction of Mr Mathias. they are now looking out for some life-jackets.

In the April edition of the Hullbridge Herald the following was written about the Hullbridge Rangers Guides.
" The Rangers have acquired another canoe, making three altogether now. It is a two seater and cost ££15.00. The purchase of these craft has drained the funds, leaving little over for necessary life jackets/ So if anyone can help these youngsters by donating some life jackets, Mrs Snelling would be pleased to hear from you.
The Rangers are holding a series of "Any Questions" meetings on a number of topics. In the hot seat last month was the Reverend Desmond Curson of Hockley. He was bombarded with searching questions. Sample: "Do you believe in ghosts ? No? Well what about the Holy Ghost then ? Rumour has it that the next victim(s) to be grilled will be a couple of Parish Councillors!"

In the same April edition the following was written about the Guides.
" The last few weeks have been hectic for those Guides wishing to finish the tests required for the Second Class Badge, before the new Guide Programme comes in, which replaces these tests.
The Guides are looking forward to their camps. Mrs Reaney has made arrangements for a week-end camp at Brooklands on June 21st, and a week's camp at Ramsey, near Dovercourt on August 3rd to 10th.
The Rayleigh Division, in which Hullbridge comes has aquired a new camp site by Hockley Woods. £1,000 is needed for the erection of a hut and the provision of a perimeter fence.Hullbridge Guides are expected to raise £50-100 of this.
For this purpose they are making Tuesday April 23rd a Camp Site Campaign Day to raise funds. This is similar to the Scout's "Bob a Job" So if a guide knocks on your door you will know what it is about"


In 1969 1st Hullbridge had several girls achieve the Queen's Guide Award as can be seen above.
The clipping photograph taken from the Hullbridge Herald dated Nov 1969 It said " A Hullbridge girl, Miss Avis Reaney, of Coventry Close, has won the highest award the Girl Guide movement can offer and has become a Queen's Guide.
This distinction is obtained by a very strenuous programme of study and achievement, and is only possible after winning a long series of other badges.
Her proud parents saw Avis presented with this covetted badge and certificate by Mrs Todman, the District Commissioner, at a special ceremony at the school, Ferry Road on 14th November before an assembled Guide and Brownie movement in the village. She is the first Guide to have won this award and be so honoured
Avis, who is 14 years old, is also a Pack Leader for the 1st Hullbridge Brownies. She attends Sweyne School Rayleigh where she is in the top form of maths. physics and German.

Bonnie and Jacqui were the first twins in Hullbridge to receive the Queen's Guide Award not long after Avis.

A ceremony was held on 31st Oct to invest Valery Rose, Lynn Chart, Linda Looker and Jenny Monks as Ranger Guides. The girls were set various challenges to qualify and at the ceremony which took the form of a dinner attended by 26 people in the hall of St Thomas's Church, Thorpdene Ave., they and some Venture Scouts provided the wine and meals for the attendees. The whole thing was overseen by Mrs Monks.


The people in this clipping are:-
BACK ROW LEFT to RIGHT:- 1) ? , 2) ?, 3) ? , 4) ? , 5) ? , 6) Jilly Booty, 7) ? , 8) ? , 9) ? ,10) ? , 11) ? , 12) Lynn Chart, 13) ? , 14)Evelyne Swinscoe ? .
FRONT ROW LEFT to RIGHT:- 15) ? , 16) Kathy Cooper, 17) Sue Cooper, 18) Donna Bailey, 19) Karen Purcell, 20) Carol Hendry.
Additional in 2nd photo are:-
FRONT RIGHT to LEFT: 21) ? , 22) ? , 23) Vicki Trunly,

As in most years the Hullbridge Guides took part in the Hullbridge Carnival and in this year they were on the back of a lorry in their uniform along with the Brownies and Rangers.

By 1970 the demand for Guides and Brownies in the village was so great that there was 2 Guide companies and 2 Brownie Pack and a Ranger Guide company. This meant Hullbridge was to have their own Guide Commissioner, Mrs Sylvia Wortley. The group went various trips as can be read above.
In 1970 it was the Diamond Jubilee and special camps were held across the country to celebrate. Some of the Hullbridge Girls attended one at Blackland, Sussex and decided to buy a postcard sign it and give it to Mrs Wortley. (See above).


28th October 1972 Susan Looker is married at St Peter and St Paul Church Hockley and has guard of honour by Guides.The people in this photo are:-
LEFT to RIGHT:- 1) Donna Russell, 2) Dawn Harforth, 3) Jackie Mills, 4) Jackie Halley, 5) ? , 6) ? , 7) Jeanette Peake, 8) ? Cole, 9) Susan Looker. 10) ?, 11) Mary Quinn, 12) ? , 13) ? , 14) ? , 15) ? , 16) ? .
Photo courtesy of Susan Cole (nee Looker)
28th October 1972 Susan Looker is married at St Peter and St Paul Church Hockley and has guard of honour by Guides.The people in this photo are:-
LEFT to RIGHT:- 1) ? , 2) Tina or Kerry Moore, 3) Jeanette Peake, 4) Tracy Rackham, 5) ? , 6) ? , 7) ? , 8) ? Cole, 9) Susan Looker. 10) ?, 11) Mary Quinn, 12) ? , 13) ? , 14) ? , 15) ? , 16) ? 17) Alison MacKenzie.
Photo courtesy of Susan Cole (nee Looker)


In 1979 Mrs Sylvia Wortley retired from her Guide District Commissioner position having been involved in the Guides for 20 years with the last 10 being as District Commissioner. This clipping shows her performing one of her last task in her position by presenting Teresa Haywood and Toni Olley with their Queen's Guides awards. A unique event in the village is to have 4 sisters awarded Queens Guide Awards, this happened for the Olley Sisters, Janine, Lisa, Julie and Toni Toni's Queens Guide certificate.
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