251 Ferry Road, Hullbridge

251 Ferry Road.

In 1965 Mr Taber purchased one of the newly built parade of shops on Ferry Road, No.251, just beyond the Primary School.

Mrs Sylvia Wortley recalls in her memories how her husband, Dick , would help and teach Mr Taber the fine arts of butchery, despite being competition to his brother Jack.

Mr Taber had two sons Vic, the eldest and Tony both now run the business from the same shop. Vic joined his father at the age of 17 and Tony 4 years later. Tony was one of the original Hullbridge Boys Football Team run by Ted Rose another shopkeeper in the village.

In Ripples June2009 J Stracey Janet Stracey wrote When Mr Taber retired, his doctor told him that he could have only one suasage instead of the three as had been his habit. He obeyed at once, making himself one large suasage instead of the three smaller ones. He continues to thrive in retirement and his sons continue to make and sell their own sausages.

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