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Hullbridge Village History

The History of 249 Ferry Road.

Unwins Wine Merchants

In 1970 The business had a Tel No: Hullbridge 463.
Mark Hale posted on HMH Facebook Group dd 4 Mar 2014
"I believe Unwins still own the shop and last time I looked you could see the old Unwins sign on the outside wall painted out. Coincidentally the chap and his sister who ran Unwins moved from there to take over the Smugglers before the present owners.
Belle Lampard posted on HMH Facebook Group dd 4 March 2014
" I worked there for a very short while. I could not believe with the products they sold ie. cigarettes, spirits and booze of all kinds, that they did'nt have a panic button. You could not see the inside of the shop because of posters covering the windows, so if anyone untoward entered the shop, they would have had a free hand basically, as I was on my own on my shift with no alarm nerves would'nt allow me to stay for long !!
Linda Fallen posted on HMH Facebook Group
"I think off license was called Unwins and Mr Tink got stabbed during a robbery. He wasn't badly hurt as I remember , but it must have been traumatic."

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