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Hullbridge Village History

The History of 238 Ferry Road.

Wells Cottage

The building was built in 1738 and named Wells Cottage because of the well in the back yard from which the villagers would get their fresh water.
In 1843 (Tithe Report) they were owned by Thomas Moult, 4 cottages inhabited by Thomas Moult, Joseph Purkiss, J Kelan and Issac Balls.
1901 Wells Cottage is listed for 1st time in Census and the cottages are occuppied by Daniel Binder and family, William Wright and Family, Edward Gibson and wife and Mary Ann Wright.
1911 Well cottage is listed as being occupied by Kate Polley and having 3 rooms the subsequent entries although not stating Well Cottage also show 3 rooms and occupied by Mrs Himpett and family in one cottage and Jane Harvey in another. 1929 Electorial Register does not show Well Cottage but John Thomas Jones and Kate Jones are shown at Hull bridge Stores.

Nov 1938 The Southend Standard printed the following:-EARLY MORNING BLAZE AT HULLBRIDGE.

The following was posted on HMH Facebook forum:-
Clive Pepper
I lived in Hullbridge in 1942 at Wells Cottage,which was attached to what was then the Hullbridge Store, which was owned by my grand parents Mr and Mrs Collins.

VG Stores

In 1965 This was owned by D and J Wilson as per advert in The Resident Oct 1965.
In 1970 This was owned by Anne Howard and was a General Store Tel Hullbridge 279

Jays Corner Shop

Riverside Launderette

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