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Hullbridge Village History

The History of 145 Ferry Road.Ordnance Survey Grid Ref (TQ 809 948)

High Elms Farm.

In 1843 when the tithe map was drawn up this was part of High Elms Farm which was owned by the Trustees of William Tunsten and occupied by James Harvey.

Trunley's Pig Farm

The following memories were posted on HMH Facebook forum:-
Cathy Trunley
"Hi my name is Catherine Trunley. My mum and dad, Harold Trunley and Shirley Trunley owned Bijou building and domestics.
My nan and grandad lived opposite. Originally they did have a pig farm but sold it and built a dress shop that my nan owned, that turned into Bijou building and domestics.
I lived above it with my mum,dad, sisters Deborah (Davey), Jacqueline (Jacky Sansom), Vicky (Wallis), my brother, Harold (Trunley) and the youngest sister Ellen Trunley.
My Uncle Victus moved to Australia with his family leaving mum and dad to work in Bijou's.
Out the back we sold parafin which I loved to use. We also had a large shed which we kept the wood and glass that we sold. I loved the smell of the wood being cut and messuring out the putty and nails on the old scales. Didnt like the dusting I had to do for pocket money!!
Xmas dad always used to have a Xmas tree on the ledge out the front and served sherry or wiskey to customers. Can see people doing that now days!!
We sold about 1984. We did have a pond in the garden but I dont really remember it. I will share with my elder sisters and get them to add more.
The Kendalls had a swimming pool that we used to use on occasions. Used to climb over our fence into Budgens (Post Office) garden scrumping their apples.
Thank goodness dad never found out!"

Vicky Wallis
There were lots of us - of 5 girls one boy. My Nan and Grandad lived over the road directly opposite - Harold and Jane Trunley.

Bijou Building and Domestic

1964 1965

An advert appeared in the Local Reviewdd 1964.
An advert appeared in the The Resident dd Oct 1965 stating: BIJOU BUILDING AND DOMESTIC, Dulux Paint Specialists, General Ironmongery, Builders Supply. Sand, Cement, Ballast. Free Delivieries 145 Ferry Road Phone 338.
Appeared in 1970 Telephone directory with this name and Tel No. Hullbridge 338.



Domestic Repair Services


Terry Shuttlewood bought Bijou's and after a short time changed the name to Domstic Repair Services.

Acknowledgement is made to the following contributions that this history was compiled from:-