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Hullbridge Village History

The History of 141, Ferry Road.Ordnance Survey Grid Ref (TQ 809 947)

High Elms Farm.

In 1843 when the tithe map was drawn up this was part of High Elms Farm which was owned by the Trustees of William Tunsten and occupied by James Harvey.

Hullbridge Post Office.

Post Office Stores

In 196? the Post Office Stores was taken over by John and Vi Palmer


Andrew Thompson posted on HMH Facebook Group dd 23 Feb 2014
"Mum started in Budgens 1971, that closed 1982 and Budgens moved down next to Post Office.
Mandy Allen posted on HMH Facebook forum:-
I can't be sure but I think this photo might be inside Budgens where the One stop shop is now. Budgens moved to there from the corner of Malyons Lane. Budgens originally used to be on the corner of Malyons Lane where the Co-Op is now before closing down in the very early 80s (probably around 1981).
Cathy Trunley posted on HMH Facebook Group 24 Feb 2014
"I used to work in Budgens with Andrew and a Sean Proudfoot. My job was stacking the biscuit aisle. The amount of broken packets of biscuits, amazing. I worked at the shop which was next to ours "Bijou", it meant that I didn't have to get up too early on a Saturday but also meant that if they were short I got asked to work after school.

One Stop Shop