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Hullbridge Village History

The History of Hullbridge Police Station 136, Ferry Road.

List of Policemen of the village.

Before the police station

Before Hullbridge had its own Police Station it was reliant upon someone coming from either Hockley or Rayleigh, most of the time on push bike.

Hullbridge to have its own police station.

Around 1959 a Polce station was built on a piece of ground near Malyons Lane. It was a home for a resident PC and the front part was his office. It had no cell to hold anyone, that meant people being carted off to Rayleigh.The station was built using the same type of brick as those used on Ryedale and Conniston Villas.

Circa 1970 the Hullbridge Meals on Wheels van is part of the Carnival as it parades past the villages Police Station.You can see in the garden 2 tall large poles joined by cross pieces. On the top cross piece stood the villages old air raid siren used at the time of the photo to indicate a flood risk. In front of the Police Station by the gate was a modern police sign that was Navy Blue. The front protrusion to the house was the residing officers office.

1964 .

Hullbridge has never been short of incidents and arrests mainly for petty larceny, drownings and suicides but in 1964 it had its first murder.


PC Paul Wilgress and his wife move into the police station and became for 26 years Hullbridge's policeman. You can read Paul memories by CLICKING HERE.

The end of a Hullbridge's Police Station.

At the turn of the millenium (2000) Government and County Council cut backs resorted in the Police Station being closed and sold for private housing.

In 2008 when this photo was taken the building had been converted into someone's home for 8 years.


In 2013 another conversion of the station was done by its new owners Mr L Savage, a villager since his childhood.