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Hullbridge Village History

The History of 130 Ferry Road. Ordnance Survey Grid Ref (TQ 810 947)

High Elms Farm.

In 1843 when the tithe map was drawn up this was part of High Elms Farm which was owned by the Trustees of William Tunsten and occupied by James Harvey.

Mrs Barnes

Hullbridge Post Office

There is no building here on the ordnance survey map of 1922.
In 1935 Telephone Directory Mr B H Brown is listed as having the Post Office and General Stores with a Tel No Rayleigh 142.
In 1937 an Ordinance Survey map was dotted with names or properties and it showed here as being the Hullbridge Post Office run by Mr Brown.

In the mid 1960's the building appears to have been split into three premises.

Whiteleaf Estate Agents

Whiteleaf Estate Agency Ltd advertised in 1964,66


In 1967 Denis Keane bought a small practice in Rayleigh at 35a High Street, above Rumblelows. He had no patients, so an empty waiting room. The villagers around this time had no dentist in the village which meant a trip into Rayleigh. At this time most of the dentistry work was National Health very little if any private work. In order to build his clientelle Mr Keane started to treat villagers in the room above the Estate Agents "Whiteleaf" as did Mr Mulcahey who also operated out of Rayleigh.
The following were posted on the HMH Facebook forum:-
Mike Johnson
The dentist.... was it the Irish guy Mulcahey? We definitely used to visit a Mulcahey but that could have been in Rayleigh rather than Hullbridge. The name might prompt a recollection by someone else!
Diane Hills
I also remember the dentists, one scared the life out of me, no matter how wide you opened your mouth he just kept yelling 'open wide !'
I do remember seeing Mr Keane the dentist in Hullbridge before he moved to the Rayleigh practice which was above what was Rumbelows at the time.

Jean Sleap
I remember the dentist but not the name, although Mulcahey does sound familiar. There was another Estate Agents at 130 Ferry Road at that time which I think just plodded on as he was an elderly chap. The dentist was upstairs to him and I believe had a practice in Rayleigh also so only came down on certain days. Everyone used to say it was so difficult getting up the stairs with kiddies.
Hazel Denton
Keane and Malcay from a Rayleigh dentist were in the village behind Barclays bank. Sharon McKinlay
I also remember the dentist in the village on Ferry Rd next to police station. He really frightened me so much so I am still nervous of the dentist now!

Barclays Bank

The Southend Standard dd 25th Jan 1968 reported that on January 29th 1968 Hullbridge's first bank would be opened for business. The ground floor was the banking hall and the facade of the building was completely modernised. The bank managed by Mr J B Woolings (manager of Rayleigh branch)., is open Monday, Wednesday Friday 10 a.m. till 12.30 p.m.

H Rona Estate Agents and Surveyors / Rona Partnership

In 1976 H Rona set up a part time office in Hullbridge run by Barbara Emery and a secretary. At this time Barbara also operated out of the Rayleigh Office. The company was such a success that the position became permenant in 197? where Barbara was join by Mrs Jean Sleap (secretary/negotiator) and Christine Davison. The photo above is a clipping taken from the Yellow Advertiser announcing the opening of a permenant office. Jean Sleap is on the left, Barbara Emery in thye middles and Christine Davison on the right.

Jean Sleap recalled
I worked in H Rona's Rayleigh office, first learning the Commercial side.
The Hullbridge Office opened in 1976, we took it over from another Agent and we were adjacent to Barclays Bank. I believe Right Moves is in our offices now. It was opened for approx 2 years before they asked me to join Hullbridge Office. I cannot really remember how long I stayed there, but until they closed it down and I returned to their Rayleigh Office but got to be 7 plus years.
In that time I became a "Member of the National Association of Estate Agents" then a "Fellow". The queues were outside the door as we were Agents for the Abbey National B.S. We were a very thriving Agent and out each day valuing properties in the village, in the early days also looking for land for the builders who were eager to build new houses in the village so had a good clientele. I would inspect the properties, give rough valuations, advise and put them on the market. They were our clients and once we were successful in finding a purchaser, would act for them in negotiating a good price on their behalf. There were lots more involved of course including checking chains, mortgages etc.
Solicitors were upstairs to us, Killick Mahon & Co. We had a good relationship with them.
Sadly the Office was then closed and I returned to Rayleigh Office working on the commercial side again, ie rent reviews, selling land, letting shops and factories etc. until I decided that I needed a fresh start after 17 happy years with them.

Killick, Mahon and Co., (Solicitors)

In 1970 the dentist's offices were taken over by Killick, Mahon and Co., who obtained considerable amount of business from Rona Partnership.
Their Tel No :Chapelbridge 3198