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Hullbridge Village History

The History of 127 Ferry Road.Ordnance Survey Grid Ref (TQ 809 947)

High Elms Farm.

In 1843 when the tithe map was drawn up this was part of High Elms Farm which was owned by the Trustees of William Tunsten and occupied by James Harvey.

The earliest sign of this property appears on the 1953 Ordnance Survey map and it was not on the 1947 Ordnance Survey.

Modern Cleaners

A pencil drawing by Bob Wortley of the bungalow before it was converted into a shop.

Sylvia Wortley recalls in her memories:-
As the family were moving into Abbey Road so Harry Wortley had work started on building a bungalow next to the Butchers in Ferry Road. Upon its completion Harry allowed his son Bob and his wife June to move in. Bob's heart was not in the Butcher trade and he eventually moved out and started a mushrooming business North of the River Crouch.
When Bob and June moved out of the bungalow Dick, Sylvia and the family moved in. Dick was ambitious he had purchased a Butchers in Springfield and wanted to provide Sylvia with a business of her own and they decided that the village needed a Dry Cleaners. They started going about converting the front of the bungalow into a shop. The conversion was a flat roof extension added to the front of the bungalow which was to be the shop windows and entrance, then the two front bedrooms where knocked through into the extension thereby providing the shop. The two bedrooms that were lost were recovered by building into the roof and the lounge which was lost because of the stairs was recovered by extending the back.

Acknowledgement is made to the following contributions that this history was compiled from:-