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Hullbridge Village History

The History of 121 Ferry Road.Ordnance Survey Grid Ref (TQ 809 946)

High Elms Farm.

In 1843 when the tithe map was drawn up this was part of High Elms Farm which was owned by the Trustees of William Tunsten and occupied by James Harvey.

High Elms Farm House

In May 1968 the High Elms Farmhouse was in a state of dereliction and the Parish Council were seeking an order to have it demolished but could not find the owner. Mrs Charlton who was the owner had moved away.

Young Generation

This was owned by Mark Hales parents Gill and Dave Hale.
Trudi Holloway
Before it was Ivory's this shop was run by Gill and Dave Hale and sold baby and childrens clothes. Can't remember what it was called, but I'm sure Mark Hale would know.
Mark Hale
Originally it was the Young Generation children's clothes shop owned by my parents (Gillian Hale) mid to late 60's.

Ivory Cosmetics

The photo courtesy of Jenny Evans shows a closed supermarket and Fruit Flower Basket next door and Ivory Cosmetics next to that.

The shop was purchased and run by Mrs Nina Ivory and was extremely well loved by villagers especially children as evident from posts on the HMH Facebook forum:-
Because of failing health problems Nina had to sell the business and it was bought by Mr and Mrs O'Leary who retained the name. Sarah Scott
I remember Ivory cosmetics sold everything loved it as a kid I was friends with the owners son, do not know what happened to them after it closed? I remeber they sold loads of skate wheels, changed mine all the time.
Mandy Allen
Budgens originally used to be on the corner of Malyons Lane where the Co-Op is now before closing down in the very early 80s (probably around 1981).
Next to there used to be Claydons the fruit and veg shop and next to that used to be Ivory Cosmetics.
Diane Whiter
Ivory Cosmetics used to love that shop.
Paul Morris
Ivorys was owned by the O'Learys. I went to school with the daughter her name was Clare and the son was Anthony don't know where they went and yes great shop I was always in there for my roller skate accessories...the picture is just how I remember it.
Jean Sleap
Nina Ivory became ill I believe with MS. She sadly had to give up the shop which sold everything really reasonable including lovely gifts and make up. She sadly passed away.
Jon Shepherd
I remember buying Rubix Cubes and alumnus laces for my roces from Ivorys!
Kristi Bodset
I just remember the joke shop that sold cake tins and odd bits and bobs, as a kid we would go in there whilst my mum chose a cake tin for our upcoming birthday, we would rummage through the shelves picking up all sorts of treasures loved that shop. Taromee Wyatt
I loved ivory cosmetics!!!!!! Xx
Beka Morris
Ivory Cosmetics was the best shop EVER!
Trudi Holloway
Nina Ivory owned Ivory cosmetics. She had MS and died v.young. She had a daughter Lisa and a Son Steven. They used to live in Mayfield Ave. Lisa would be about 45 now as she was at playgroup with my son Chris. I agree with all the comments about Ivory cosmetics. It was a real treasure trove, from make-up, gifts, laces, wheels for roller boots. Nina was lovely and would be proud to be so well remembered.
Andrew Thompson
Nina used to help me choose Christmas presents for my whole family with a budget of about 1 pound 50p. Myk Debbage
Anthony O'Leary works as a Business accounts Manager for NatWest in Rayleigh.
Lynne Mullane
Sue Adger worked at Ivory Cosmetics. Brilliant shop !Nina was so trendy, my mum, Phyllis Hatton, was good friends with her. Nina was married to Colin.
Natalie Talbot
The Nina mum knew down Mayfield Avenue had 2 white bischon frisée dogs,"Popples and Trixie". She did have M.S and sadly died. Husband Colin moved away very soon after.
Garry Richardson
My mother in law, Anne Seal, worked in Ivories for donkey's years, as did my mate Simon's Mum, Ronnie Tanner.
Lisa Ivory
My parents owned Ivory Cosmetics. They had to very reluctantly sell it due to my Mums MS.
Would just like to say 'thank you' for all the lovely comments about my mum, Nina Ivory. She would have felt so honoured that you felt so highly of her

. Natalie Talbot
Hi Lisa. You may not remember me. My mum was Pat Talbot the Avon lady and my dad was Cliff who also had M.S. Hope you're well and your dad too. I used to go round and play with the doggies. Thought you'd remember my parents. Mum and I used to pop in alot. Ah "Polly" that's it. Was close with my first comment "Popples". Think Nina called her "Polly Popples" sometimes and remembered "Trixie". I bet they got filthy in the bad weather lol.
Lisa Ivory
I remember your parents and I seem to recall you coming round to play with the Polly and Trixie. Mum loved asking me to walk them and then bath and dry them. It usually took about 2 hours. lol xx Mum called her a number of things and polly popples was one of them lol. Pollys KC name was Pretty Polly Popples.
Dad lives in Thundersley now and still works for Fords. He was up until recently, staging the popular "Help For Heros" annual concerts at the Cliffs Pavilion.


Zoe Sinclair
My Mum and Dad Zoe and Keith Sinclair bought Ivory Cosmetics and owned Cavalcade, when they sold to the Co op the Bakers were then moved across to the end unit so that the Co op could expand...years later I was the Manager of the Co-op! lol

Upper Crust

Originally next door at 119 Ferry Road, when the Co-Op expanded the bakers moved premises to here, which is where it is today known as "Upper Crust"