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Hullbridge Village History

The History of 115 Ferry Road.Ordnance Survey Grid Ref (TQ 809 946)

High Elms Farm.

In 1843 when the tithe map was drawn up this was part of High Elms Farm which was owned by the Trustees of William Tunsten and occupied by James Harvey.

High Elms Farm House

Mrs Charlton lived in the old farm house in the 60's on her own and sadly the house became too much for her and she moved away. Susan Cole recollected on the HMH Facebook forum:-
Mrs. Charlton was a Sunday School teacher at the Free Church in Lower Road. She was a bit strict, but ok! Whilst Peter Mclaren recalled:-
The farmhouse had a single lampost outside it, really spooky, used to run past it because the strory going round at school was that the old lady was a witch...!! Although my Mother and Grandmother actually knew Mrs Charlton.....!!! lol
Jenny Evans posted:-
Harry Wright told me that Mrs.Charlton kept vicious geese in her front garden that were used to guard the property! In Ken Beckwith's memories he recalls Mrs Charlton's gander called Oswald that his father took off of Mrs Charlton at her request.
In May 1968 the High Elms Farmhouse was in a state of dereliction and the Parish Council were seeking an order to have it demolished but could not find the owner. Mrs Charlton who was the owner had moved away.


In 1972, 76 the premises was Budgens Tel 231361.
Andrew Thompson posted on HMH Facebook Group dd 23 Feb 2014 "I was a Saturday boy in Budgens, as were both my sisters and my mum just retired from the Co-Op after 40 years. "
Mum started in Budgens 1971, that closed 1982 and Budgens moved down next to Post Office. Had various name paper chase is one I remember, then she went back up to the Co-Op when that opened and had been there for 20 years.
Mandy Allen posted:-
Budgens originally used to be on the corner of Malyons Lane where the Co-Op is now before closing down in the very early 80s (probably around 1981). Next to there used to be Claydons the fruit and veg shop and next to that used to be Ivory Cosmetics.


The photo shows, from left to right Tamara Bird, Georgina Dye, Claire Barnes, Diane Hills and Michelle McCauliffe standing outside Mrs Wortley's shop. They were on their way to and evening at R &'J's. Behind them you can see the notice board of the Hullbridge Garden Association and the H Rona for sale signs. The supermarket is closed and the shops next door are Green Grocers and Ivy Cosmetics.
The photo courtesy of Jenny Evans shows a closed supermarket and Fruit Flower Basket next door and Ivory Cosmetics next to that.

Some time around 1985 the store was empty and Eileen Findlay posted on Facebook HMH forum dd 28 Mar 2014
The for sale sign was for the whole supermarket and above. When I moved into the studio above the downstairs supermarket had been empty for 1-2 years before the co-op bought it. It had been empty for a long time before I moved in and was quite derelict inside with bonfires having been lit inside and graffiti on the walls.

Co-Op Stores

In accordance with email message from Vanessa Howard (Co-Op Mktng and PR Manager, Chelmsford) the store was opened on 16th Sept 1999.