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Hullbridge Village History

The History of 100 Ferry Road. Ordnance Survey Grid Ref (TQ 810 946)

Patricia's Hair Stylists

1965 1967 1968
1961 1964

Patricia was Patricia Hutton, who had 2 daughters who were Hullbridge Carnival Queens Beverly and Ann (see above) and a son Graham
Patricia was L'oreal trained.
In 1970 had Tel No: Hullbridge 256.
The following were posted on the HMH Facebook forum:-
Lynne Maugham
I am sure before that the freezer shop was a hairdressers called Patricia's I used to have a Saturday job washing hair and sweeping. I do remember that I was a stroppy teen and my mum got the job for me. Patricia still took me on and I worked mainly with her, giving her the curlers to put in peoples hair, then I had to wash the perms out or in my case drown them. I think one of her daughters worked there can't remember her name. As for wages I really can't remember but mum might as she took me every Saturday just to make sure I got there.
We lived in Waxwell Road before we moved to Grasmere Road.

Deep Freeze Foods

This was owned by B.J.Cracknell (Wholesale Meats) Ltd., their Tel No:Southend 230256 (As per Telephone Directory 1976.
Don Conway posted on the HMH Facebook Group 25/2/14 "I worked at Cracknell's around 1976-77 when it was at 100 Ferry Road

The Film Box

In 1987 this shop was advertising in Ripples. As you went through the door there were shelves of VHS video covers on the right, with the nearest to the door being the latest releases. You would pick the cover of the video you wanted to watch and check on the card inside that it was available to rent and then took it to the counter which was right across the back of the shop. Behind the counter would be the proprietor normally watching a latest video on his small colour Tv that was situated in the right hand corner at the back. Having presented the card with your membership card you were given the film in a plain black video box. The shop was dark because of posters and displays in the shop window.