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Hullbridge Village History

The History of Hullbridge Pirates

In 1950 Hullbridge had its own cycle speedway team Hullbridge Pirates managed by Stan Collis.
The team raced on the piece on the ground that the infants school was built on.
The sport was extremely popular and attracted crowds of over 100. Villagers would go by coach loads to matches. The bikes had no gears or brakes and there were lots of skulduggery. The following has been extracted from
"Cycle speedway is raced by individuals, pairs or teams. Each race is contested by up to four riders, and a match normally consists of eight to 24 races. Points are awarded for placings in each race. A race day fixture might take in up to two, three or more matches. In a team event, the winning team is the one with most points at the end of the day.
Races involve up to four riders racing anticlockwise round four laps of the track, the winner being the first across the line. The number of laps varies with the age of the riders but is usually 4 laps for a single race. Competitors use a lightweight single-speed bicycle equipped with a freewheel but without brakes, often a stripped-down mountain bike frame is adequate for beginners although specialist machines are used by the top racers. Riders slide their left foot along the track as they race round turns. Physical contact is legal and often necessary; clothing usually covers the whole body from the neck down, with padding for knees, elbows and hips; helmets are also required since their introduction in 1999, there has never been an accident in cycle speedway resulting in serious injury or death."

Known riders in the village today but not part of the pirates are:- Doug Boreham, Reg Saward, Mr Denton.
The following is a list of the Pirates opponents:- Hawkwell Hammers, Rayleigh Rovers, Prittlewell Pirates, Homestead Tigers, Thundersley Phantoms. Can anyone name any of the Hullbridge riders or are the any Cycle speedway riders not mentioned here who are in the village.

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