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Hullbridge Village History

The History of Hullbridge Community Centre.


At the Hullbridge Social Society A.G.M.held at the Village Hall dated 2nd March the Society decides to become a charity under the name Hullbridge Community Association. In "The Resident" dd Nov 1966 the following article was published:-
Thise of you that read the "Southend Standard" will have seen , some months ago, that the New Hullbridge Social Society has changed its name to Hullbridge Community Association.
This move was made in an attempt to create a new image, to provide a platform from which fresh endevours to promote community spirit could be launched. Now you may be unaware that this organization, under any name, existed. Indeed, judged by the response to the Festival week held at the end of August, it would seem that very few people care, one way or the other.
The reason may be lack of understanding of what the Community Association is. The Committee of that Association is responsible to everyone in the village for organization and management of the village hall.This hall is your asset and you may feel it is worth nuturing. If so, your support for functions would be one way to show your feelings. The Annual General Meeting is to be held in the early part of next year and your attendance will help show that Hullbridge is a community worth supporting.


in 1972 the Association founded a Pre School. To read more about the school CLICK HERE.


In 1978 work got under way on building the new Hullbridge Community Centre.


In July the Hullbridge Community Centre was opened. It was funded by the sale of the village hall, grants from Essex County Council and Hullbridge Parish Council with the land being given for use by Rochford District Council. The balance of funds was obtained by various fund raising events throughout the village in particular"Buy a Brick".


The following is a list of events that took place at the centre, to see photos of these please select GALLERY 1985.
8th June St Francis Hospice Country Craft Show



In the Sept 1987 copy of Ripples the Following was written:-
FAMILY EXTENSION You did not believe it would happen did you ? Well all the quotes have been opened, the contract awarded and the extension should be in place by Christmas.
IN the mornings and afternoons taddlers will be able to enjoy their playschool in THEIR building free from constraints of booking schedules. In the evenings whole families should be able to sit in the family loungs and enjoy the social atmosphere taht Hullbridge is famous for. The H.C.A. will have done it again !