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Hullbridge Village History

The History of Hullbridge Brownies

Index of Names

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SurnameIndividual's NameDate of joiningAge at joiningDate of leavinghAge at leaving
Congram Debra
Dicker Leslie 1962
Ford Heather 1962
Scarlet Julia 1962
Short Olwyn 1962
Swinscoe Evelyne

The Beginning


In the Local Review dd 4th April 1962 the following article was written:-
The District Commissioner of Rayleigh District Guides, Mrs E Kingston visited Hullbridge Village Hall on Tuesday afternoon to officiate at the enrollment of 4 new Brownies.
In a touching little ceremony Brownies Heather Ford, Leslie Dicker, Julie Scarlet and Olwyn Short were welcomed to the pack.
Speaking of it afterwards Brown Owl, Mrs I Pittaway said thet the enthusiasm of these little people was a joy and that it was a shame that when they came of age to leave the pack, they were lost to the village through the lack of a Hullbridge Guide Captain, and had to join the 1st Rayleigh Company. Parents too, she felt, must dislike the necessity of evening trips "out of our village" meetings during the dark and inclement winter months."
The following were posted on the HMH Facebook forum:-
Cathy Trunley
I remember the Brownies being held at the village hall. Outside was a low brick wall which ran down the side with a bar abive it. We used to wrap one leg round it and swing round backwards. I have a raised scar on the back of my head where I mis-judged it and hit the wall but thats another story!
Jacky Sansom
Does anyone remember Mrs Pitaway who ran the Brownies in the early sixties, she was Brown Owl.I was a sixer in the "Pixies".
Susan Cole
I remember Mrs. Pitaway, I was one of her Brownies too in the early sixties and a sixer. She was brilliant.
Chris Challis
Linda Hudson and me - I think we were in the first brownie pack in Hullbridge, between about 1961 and 1963. Then "flew over the toadstool" to Guides with Minnie Snelling as captain and Gladys Chart, Hullbridge swimming teacher, as "Lefty"! when I was in Brownies the weekly subs was 2d ! (old money)


Photo courtesy of Mike Johnson of Hullbridge Brownies and Guides on the trailer preparing for a fry up as they participate in the 1972 Hullbridge Carnival.
The people in the photo are LEFT to RIGHT: 1) Joanne Marshall, 2) Stella Holdsworth, 3) ?, 4) Linda Prime, 5) Mrs Sylvia Wortley, 6) Helen Rackham, 7) Caroline Johnson, 8) Susan Looker.


The following were posted on HMH Facebook forum:-
Diane Hills
I belonged to the 4th Hullbridge Brownie pack (which must mean there were 3 before mine).
I probably joined around 1977. We met once a week at St Thomas' church, two of my class mates Kathleen Fosh and Tamara Bird joined at the same time as me.
Within each brownie pack you were split into groups all of our groups were named after sprites and elfs. I was a 'ghillie dhu' ! Go google if you don't believe me it is a type of fairy. I loved the brownies, we went on a camp to Hockley woods one summer and we entered the carnival each year. In charge of our pack we had 'Brown Owl' who was Muriel Cooper, Snowy Owl (Linda Watling) and Tawney Owl (Beryl ?).

Dee Dolphin
Patricia Record's mum and sister Annette were Brownie leaders for Hullbridge.
Dave Record
Slight correction there Dee. Trishs mum, Shirley, was one of the Guide Leaders, Netta (annette) was a Brownie, then a Guide.
They are still all involved with Guiding.

Every year the Brownies undertook a Nativity play with the girls playing all parts including Joseph.Here we have Left to Right: 1) ? (Joseph), 2) Diane Hills (Mary), 3) ? (Shepherd 1), 4) ? (Shepherd 2), 5) ? (Shepherd 3), 6) ? (Shepherd 4), 7) ? (Narrator), 8) ? (Little boy in push chair).
The photo is courtesy of Diane Hills and is taken in St Thomas's Church in front of the serving hatch in the hall.
The girls in this photo are:-
Left to Right:- 1) Tamara Bird, 2) Diane Hills, 3) ? (Tawny Owl), 4) ? (King 1). 5) ? (Page 1), 6) ? (King 2), 7) ? (Page 2), 8) ? (King 3), 9) ? (Page 3).
Photo courtesy of Diane Hills.


The following was posted on HMH Facebook forum:-
Dee Dolphin
I supported Sam Sabburton around 2000/2001 when my daughter attended. Under construction