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Hullbridge Village History

Welcome to the Hullbridge Sports Day June 1980 Photo Gallery.

Here you will find my images of the Hullbridge Sports Day held in June 1980.
These are just thumbnails of the main picture which can be accessed by simply left clicking on the relevant image. Also by running mouse pointer over picture will reveal a photo description. The Sports day was held at the Recreation Ground, Pooles Lane and was preceded by a friendly football match between Hullbridge Sports Ladies and Hullbridge Sports Youth Section Dads. Some of the Hullbridge Sports footballers helped out the Ladies but had to dress in Ladies clothes whilst the Dads had to be in fancy dress.

If you recognise anyone in the photos that has not been noted please let me know.

Hullbridge Sports Day June 1980 Page 1.
Hullbridge villagers around the pavilion
DJ Barry Wheatley
Stalls at Sports day
Let the races begin
Bernie Quinn dribbling a football
Penalty Contest begins
Alan Keen with a captive audience
And it's a GOAL !
And the next keeper. Young Richard Lee steps into goal for the younger hopefulls.
Well controlled !
This is hard work !
Tony exits from the ladies changing room with a smile on his face.
Ladies when you are ready
All smiles
Youngsters support their Dads
Get stuck in !
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