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Hullbridge Village History

Welcome to the Hullbridge Donkey Derby Fair 1974 Photo Gallery.

Here you will find my images of the 1974 Hullbridge Donkey Derby.
These are just thumbnails of the main picture which can be accessed by simply left clicking on the relevant image. Also by running mouse pointer over picture will reveal a photo description.

If you recognize anyone in the photos that has not been noted please let me know.

Donkey Derby

Brian Hughes and his sister Linda Townley with her daughter Zoe.
OWNER:Mr G. Congram

Paddy Hayes with his back turned wearing a brown vest watches a young lad ride in a trolley down the track.
OWNER:Mr G. Congram

Jean Congram bending over in her stall doing what she likes most COUNTING MONEY. Dianne Fautley

looks on.
OWNER:Mr G. Congram

The Congram ladies waiting to hook their catch
Debra, Maggie and Jean Congram in their stall holding the hooking canes watching punters
OWNER:Mr G. Congram

Oh my nails !
Debra Congram checks what prize someone has won by inspecting to bottom of a duck with children looking on.
OWNER:Mr G. Congram

The smile that attracted the ducks
Maggie Congram smiling to attract the punters to the stall
OWNER:Mr G. Congram

Hullbridge's Chippendales strip to attract customers
The darts stall consisting of a darts board and playing cards pinned to a board is run by Bernie Quinn, Tony Fautley

, Stevie Oakman and Theresa Waite (soon to be Mrs B Quinn) sitting down. Note the pints of beer behind the boarding
OWNER:Mr G. Congram

Whistle while you work
Jean Congram whistles to try and attract customers
OWNER:Mr G. Congram

So you think you can catch a bird !?
A young boy who feels lucky at catching a bird.
OWNER:Mr G. Congram

Making an Ass of the law
Bill Congram in the Orange cap crowded by young children wanting to be jockeys whilst two policemen look on. Colin Chart in the blue polo shirt helps out.
OWNER:Mr G. Congram
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